Where Can a Wheelchair Take You?October 06, 2015

Accessibility Weekend, to be held on November 14 and 15, will be a special occasion for individuals with physical disabilities. If they happen to live in Victoria, then they can see the best sights in town. They can also enjoy going places, but they won't be alone.

The rugged landscape will be out of the question. Not that they're not capable of making it (with assistance), but it should be convenient for them. There may be exceptions, like those who are really determined to go to the extreme, but let's not venture further.

Any tennis fan can attest that handicapped people can do extraordinary things. In fact, the four Grand Slam tournaments feature singles and doubles matches for players on wheelchairs. Never mind if they don't get the lion's share of the prize money, but the fact that they're competing is inspiring enough. This means that Flinders Park, the venue of the Australian Open, is one of the places to see. Here are the other destinations:

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. If they don't want to go inside and take a look, then they can admire the exterior instead. The design may be kept to the minimum, but some would be reminded of the Kunshalle. If you're a huge fan of Expressionism, then you can figure it out the inspiration behind the jagged structures. Not bad for taking pictures.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park. It's the closest thing to Mother Nature, where handicapped visitors can have a chance to enjoy the evening. There's no doubt after hearing the nocturnal sounds of betong, glider, and quoll. They're only endemic to Oz, which some take for granted. But not those on wheelchairs.

Kyral Castle. If handicapped visitors want to relive the past, and have fun at the same time, then they don't need to book a plane ticket to Europe. Anything they need to know about the Middle Age can be found here. It may not be located in Melbourne, but it doesn't matter.

National Sports Museum. A tour will be incomplete without dropping by this place. We love sport.

Royal Botanic Garden. A metropolis is not one without manicured gardens. Nothing better to sooth the jagged nerves (after going around for hours) and enjoy those quiet moments. Not that these visitors (in wheelchairs) need noise, but they can appreciate the tranquility in this part of Melbourne.

Do you have other suggestions? It might be good, so drop us a line.

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