Why Good Speech Makes Better StudentsJuly 20, 2015

A certain Albert Frederick Arthur George struggled with stammer during his youth. He could have been one of those young people afflicted with this disorder, but he was the second son of George V. He would be George VI. Great Britain was about to get embroiled into another worldwide conflict, and the (British) public needed a leader who would keep up their hopes during those trying times. This meant someone who could speak clearly. He must also be persuasive and comforting at times. George VI won't be able to do it, so he enlisted the help of Lionel Logue, a speech and language therapist from Adelaide.

The case of George VI didn't become public until the release of Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech", a dramatisation of the events between the king and Logue. Perhaps Queen Elizabeth, his wife, requested it. Nonetheless, this would be a good illustration on why students need to brush up on their speech.

Speech Pathology Week, held from August 23-29, highlights the importance of speech pathology at a young age. This comes in handy when the individual pursues a high-profile profession. Not everyone will go through that path, but it's still necessary to teach kids how to speak audibly. Good communication can be a prerequisite to good relationships. Here are the other reasons:

Good speech builds up confidence. It's human nature to poke fun at someone who makes mistakes. Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes months, even years, for someone to speak clearly and with ease. A child tends to be embarrassed, even withdrawn, when s/he has trouble with speaking. And let's not discount the case of shy children. (All kids are shy at first.) If you're a parent, then allot some time to teach your kid(s) on good speech. Show them that it's not hard as it seems. (Some kids may require lots of patience, but keep the goal in mind.) Think about the time it takes the child to learn how to walk.

Good speech makes more friends. Unless the child exhibits traits of introversion, then adults must not waste time in guiding children on this matter. A young person who speaks well can impress anyone. Don't be surprised if s/he ends up as a center of attraction. This is not the benefit that children want, though. Good communication can help a child interact with other children. This can be good for their well being.

Good speech is a must in school. Not all children are prodigies, but it's not a hopeless case for those who doesn't show immediate promise. The reasons are too obvious, which we won't enumerate. It's also not hard to imagine a young student struggling due to poor communication. Teaching children (on good speech) is an investment worth taking.

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