Why University Students Must Start Binge-Reading Right NowMay 08, 2019

Winter is around the corner, and it means one thing for university students. They must spend more time in binge-reading, if not start doing it. This could surprise you, as "Games of Thrones" is about to end soon, and you don't want to miss it for anything. Autumn is your favourite season, where you won't mind walking for hours. And you must plan for the winter holidays. What happens to reading and writing? If you're thinking of a good excuse, you must answer another question. Why not read more books?

Binge-reading is nothing new to you. You're a voracious reader on certain days, spending long hours in front of the computer screen. You're lazy to go to the library (and borrow a book or two), and there are a few instances when you lose grip of the paperback you're reading. Words can put you to sleep (regardless of the time), yet you need to go an alternative world. The titles don't have to be part of the reading list. There's nothing wrong in reading the Harry Potter series one more time. It should remind you of the Earthsea series, where words could cast a spell on readers. It may not make you a great writer, but you've improved tremendously.

You know that binge-reading could involve three, if not four, titles that you reading simultaneously. You're halfway in one, a few chapters in the second, and hardly finished with the third chapter on the third. You're not asked to write an essay on these books, which is a good thing. You should be able to comprehend the stories, also figure out the subtle meanings (or themes). There's no rush to finish these books, and it won't make you less if you can't make it to the final chapter. Binge-reading can give you assurance whenever you're having doubts about your ability to manage the coursework. The knowledge won't go unused, even if you can't figure out when and where to use it. You would know after looking at the syllabus (or what your professor told you so). You would be surprised that your analysis of insufferable teenagers in Rick Riordan's novels could be used to support your arguments in your essay on "Lord of the Flies". If you're not convinced about it, then think of the similarities between the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Alice's adventures in Wonderland. It shouldn't shock you if you could imagine a meeting between Tolkien and Carroll, but there would be one (at the least). You're veering away, so let's get back to the very-important topic.

Binge-reading won't be the lesser of two, yet you don't want the demanding nature of your studies would ruin your mate's holiday. It could put some ease in assignment writing if you take a mental note of the next item.

No Danger: What to Read (and How to Do It)

Binge-read in the afternoon, if not before you hit the sack. It’s important not to be occupied with other things before you indulge in binge-reading. It means that there are no lectures to look forward to. You must also have done those pressing errands. And you have made progress in assignment writing. Undivided attention is important, but you can do it after you get off bed. You have to be sure that you have done your homework prior to the lecture. You shouldn’t be too obsessed about it. If this means that you’re reading a George R.R. Martin novel, then look out for mates whom you can share your enthusiasm, if not unfiltered opinion. It doesn’t mean that your thoughts (or feelings) can’t end up passing by in one of your assignments, but your choices are slim. You may study Ursula Le Guin in one session only, so you should prepare your notes. You would spend less time on it.

Don’t pay too much attention on the words, if not overanalyze it. Binge-reading distracts you from the coursework, even relieving of the pressure that you’ve been feeling for some time. It won’t be wise to read closely and look out for memorable quotes. If you miss a subplot, then you don’t have to go back to previous chapters. You can figure it out in the next few chapters. You can also get back to it if your professor asks you to write an essay on a particular book (and if it’s related to it).

Get lost in the story (and don’t worry about other things). You won’t enjoy it if you do. It can result to a burden, which may affect your focus on your coursework. Think about it.

At the End of the Day

Binge-reading doesn’t have to be different from other activities. It shouldn’t disrupt your routine, such that you have to make numerous adjustments to it. If you would do it for a few months or more, then you may notice a change in your communication skills. You become more confident, but you must not get cocky about your (new) abilities. The great writers devote their entire life to the arts, making a lot of sacrifices along the way. It reminds you of a (Marvel) supervillain, who would appear on the big screen soon.

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