Winners and losers for this seasonOctober 24, 2016

Anna Meares retired from cycling, while Michelle Payne's historic win in the Melbourne Cup would be brought to the big screen. And Sam Stosur might give Maria Sharapova the cold shoulder when the latter would return to the tour next fall. My flatmates were talking about sport, which was the first topic that came to mind on a Saturday morning. I don't want spring to end sooner, even if there were soggy days.

We were talking about the 1990s, of how it turned out to be a special decade for Australian Cinema. I wasn't referring to "Muriel's Wedding," which my sister saw many times. She swore that there was a module on Muriel Heslop, and I didn't doubt her. (You couldn't go wrong with ABBA.) My flatmates couldn't decide if Heath Ledger had a cameo appearance on P.J. Hogan's groundbreaking comedy. I reminded them of "Waterloo." (I only saw the film once, but I recalled many scenes. I was paying attention.) I was thinking of "Two Hands," of how luck and misfortune would befall on a strip club promoter. This was a rare instance, which could happen in real life. Whether it would end on a happy note or note remains to be seen. I enjoyed the long car chase, though.

Dad would plan to visit Canberra, his hometown, this summer, and I was quite excited about it. I was hoping to attend the Canberra International, which would be held the week before the Australian Open. Jordan Duckworth and Alison Bai, both homegrown players, have confirmed their participation. And they happened to be natives of the capital. Nick Kyrgios would be the most famous athlete to come from Canberra, but he grabbed the headlines for different reasons.

What would affect my diet

Mum often reminded me of my fruit consumption, as I turned out to be the member of the slight majority who won't subsist on a diet of fruits and vegetables. I was young and energetic, I told her. As long as I keep on drinking seven glasses of water every day. I found out that it should be six to eight glasses (of water) per day, but I seemed to be superstitious about the number seven. Nutrition Australia won't pay attention to any of it, as they rather focused on their campaign during this month. Have you heard of National Nutrition Month?

I was asked about Sydney's biggest-spending foodies, which baffled me. I was a lanky chap, and I don't fancy fine dining. Cereal and pizza would do. Besides, I enjoy playing backyard cricket. I could do it all day, and it would be the reason why I don't have any love handles. Dad told me that I was too young to think such things. I was a vain teenager. I was an energetic fellow who couldn't get enough of walking the suburb. And watching movies won't be one of my interests. My mates (at the University) were slightly disappointed at it, but I'd rather watch sports.

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