A Reminder of How the Grass and Flowers Look LikeSeptember 25, 2014

On the nineteenth of September, Perthites experienced the hottest day of the month. Temperature hit 34.2C at 2:46 PM, which was past the expected maximum of 32C. Records showed the old record of 32.7C, which happened on September 30, 1918. Although there'll be forecast of cooler weather, Perth can look forward to warmer days. After all, summer is not far away.

This can be the right time to show the children the virtues of reading. There are lots of books to celebrate spring. Instead of wondering if it's spring yet, we can go out and have fun. It's better than waiting for the summer sun, which is why we shouldn't let this season pass without enjoying it. So let's count the ways:

"And Then It's Spring" by Julie Fogliano. A young boy and his dog prepare a garden for spring. This sweet story tells a wonderful lesson about friendship. It sounds familiar. We can relate to that.

"Books are Everywhere" by Jane Blatt. Children will surely love the humorous illustrations, which is a celebration of books. The hills come alive when you read it.

"The End (Almost)" by Jim Benton. This is about a good book that kids like to read over and over again. If you're reading it to them, then you might not want a repeat. But let them have their way.

"Everything Spring" by Jill Esbaum. Cute photographs of animals and the great outdoors will prompt you - and the children - to go out.

"Feel the Wind" by Arthur Dorros. You can feel it, even hear it. Spring is here! This is the book to open up your senses.

"Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms" by Julia Rawlinson. The transformations of seasons can be full of surprises, but Fletcher the Fox learns that there's nothing like winter to spring. Don't get too excited.

"I Spy in The Sky" By Edward Gibbs. In this book, children must play a game. It's about exotic birds not found outside. If the kids have seen "Rio", then they know how entertaining this can be. But the bright colours are enough.

"Lily the Unicorn" by Dallas Clayton. This book is bursting with energy, wanting you to have new experiences. All you have to do is look out and imagine the possibilities. But read it first.

"A New Beginning" by Wendy Pfeffer. Science and history may be the last things you want to hear when you're outside, but children can think of ways to make it fun. All you have to do is guide them.

"The Promise" by Nicola Davies. A young girl steals a bag of acorns, having no idea about a change taking place. The world don't remember how plants grow and the wonder it brings. It's up to this girl to make things right. Another familiar tale? You be the judge.

It's your turn to recommend some books (on spring). Be quick, as we don't have all day.

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