Brisbane: Australia's New World CityNovember 07, 2014

Brisbane will host the G-20 Summit on November 15-16.

In case you are unfamiliar with the acronym, G-20 stands for Group of Twenty. Are you still clueless? The twenty major economies of the world. The G-20 economies account for 85% of the gross world product and two-thirds of the world population. It's hardly surprising, as the members are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States. The European Union (EU) is the twentieth members, represented by the European Commission.

It was Paul Martin, the former prime minister of Canada, who came up with an idea of a forum on matters pertaining to the international financial system. The G-20 was inaugurated in September 1999, with the first meeting of finance ministers held in December 1999.

The residents of Brisbane are excited about the meet. There will be a public holiday on November 14. The city will also hold the "G-20 Cultural Celebrations", which would welcome world leaders with live music and theatre.

"We decided to put on a party that is about us, that is free, and that shows who we are and the talent we have," Creative director Athol Young said.

"We want to show it all off and we want to tell the world."

In a video posted on YouTube, Prime Minister Tony Abbott thanked the Brisbane residents for their approval.

"It's an honour to be hosting the G-20 - I know there will be inconveniences in Brisbane as the leaders gather and I thank people for their patience," he said.

"It is an important event for Australia, I'm confident that it will make a lasting difference for our country and for our world."

5 reasons to visit Brisbane

Forget Sydney, even Melbourne. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, has lots to offer to visitors. Let's count them down:

1. King George Square hosts Game Night every last Thursday of each month. There are life-size chess pieces and giant dominoes to enjoy, but you can bring your own game.

2. The public art trail is two kilometers long. Imagine how many art collection to see. The city is blessed with warm and humid summers and dry moderately warm winters, so walking is a must.

3. Kangaroo Point Cliff is less than five kilometers from the city centre. As the name suggests, this spot offers the best in recreational climbing. But there are electric barbecues, where visitors can relax.

4. Brisbane's Ghost Tours tap into your inner Poe. Expect local historian Jack Sims to take you to Brisbane's dark underbelly, expecting ghoulish tales from creepy cemeteries and seedy bars.

5. The inhabitants of Brisbane is the main reason to come here. As any traveller will tell, it's the people that make a travelling experience special. Some attest that the residents of Brisbane are friendlier than Sydneysiders and Mebourners. Of course, one must set foot on this seaside metropolis. Then again, it can be true.

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