Don't Just Sit ThereFebruary 27, 2015

If you haven't mark your calendar on the 27th, then you better read this. Friday is that day of the week to unwind and have fun, but this one will be different from the others. It will be rather special. It's Schools Clean Up Day. We want the young students to be aware of the environment. It's up to us if it can be sustainable. If you're wondering if the children can understand such things, then keep in mind that action speaks louder than words.

It's not too late if you want to join the activities. Don't worry if you haven't think of something new yet enjoyable. Others have great plans, but more will be better. Here are some ideas:

There's only one place to get dirty, and that's the backyard. Gardening is not for everyone, but we can try to change some minds. In the case of children, this doesn't seem a creative thing to do. (Flowers are nice to look at, but they're not Lego blocks.) They'll wither and die if there's not enough water. So let's start from there. Teach them to be responsible. Set aside an hour (or half a day) to go outside and do nothing. Except observing the surroundings. It won't take long to appreciate the colours and teeming life. If they're inquisitive enough, then they'll get to know the names of insects buzzing around. It will be too much to ask them to learn the scientific names of the plants, but it will be great if you can convince them. (Learning languages at a young age is a plus.)

Always make sure that the school is tidy and everything is in place. As we find out later, cleaning requires commitment. It doesn't mean we have to do it once a week, or every other week, but it's great if you manage to stick to this kind of routine. But the first step to environmental awareness takes place in your home. Everything must be in order. There shouldn't be any disposable items around. It won't be easy when there are children running around and playing, but it can be done. The school can be the place where they can learn it, practise it, and imbibe it. Let's be serious about it, but not too serious for their sake. Remember that learning can be fun.

Let's not forget ourselves. This exercise is futile is we exclude ourselves. We are part of the environment. This doesn't mean we must be immaculately clean all the time. Let's educate ourselves, and keep on learning. Go out and spend more time outdoors. It's the best way to appreciate the environment. If the students don't understand it, then don't fret. It will happen sooner or later.

If we didn't miss anything, then get ready. Bring a pair of gloves and wear the appropriate clothes. (You'll get down and dirty, in case you forget.) But if you do have other ideas, then don't keep it to yourself. It might out turn out to be a great idea.

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