Here's three good reason to volunteer for a good causeMarch 15, 2017

Summer is about to come to an end, and you haven't figured out where to volunteer for a good cause. You have many excuses. (You want new friends, you want new experiences, you want to be proud of something other than your unusual dedication to coursework.) Here are three for your consideration:

Supermarket Free Month (April 1-30). Believe it or not, Woolworths Inc. and Wesfarmers (Coles) own almost three-fourths of the chain stores in Australia. If this is not duopoly (or monopoly if you look at the two companies as one), then there couldn't be a worse situation for local farmers and retailers who must be contented with the crumbs. The ideal way to show your support for this campaign is to restrain yourself from buying anything. After all, this is a two-way street. (The law of supply and demand will be one way of looking at it.) If it's a must, then consider your local farmer (or retailer) in your neighbourhood. It's the least you can do. Remember that you don't have to show your charitable spirit unless a member of your family, if not a neighbour, will spearhead it. You don't have to follow the leader, as you can demonstrate your initiative (and come up with another scheme). Your new acquaintances will remember you for it, even vouch for it when you need references in your CV. But you're not thinking about it. Yet.

Adopt a Greyhound Month (April 1-30). Here's the ugly truth: Many pet owners would spoil their puppies until they reach adulthood. They will gradually lose their enthusiasm and devotion unless they're looking at a diminutive, adorable toy dog. The features of the greyhound may not fall into the CUTE category, but they're as gentle and affectionate as any dog breed. Furthermore, greyhounds are prone to be active dogs. As a matter of fact, it's known to be a racing dog. There's a thriving industry, which leaves lots of four-legged casualties. Many aren't fortunate to land in a rescue center, and most of them aren't guaranteed of finding parents sooner or later. You've been wanting a puppy all along, and no one is telling you to change your preference. But you might want to add a greyhound to your household. Having two dogs will double the happiness. If you don't have the time for it, then you can look for the nearest rescue center. Spend as much time as possible. Any true dog lover will tell you that presence is what matters most.

World Heritage Day (April 18). This may be a good excuse to bring along your camera and indulge in sightseeing, but this is not the reason to take a closer look at the landmarks that draw foreign tourists from all over the world. It's all about appreciation, as these structures bring life to Oz. It define us as well. You don't need to join a day tour of the Angkor ruins in able to figure it out. It's also not necessary to travel to England, as you attempt to rediscover your roots. This one isn't expensive as it seems, and all it takes is your willingness to set aside a day for it. The rewards are immeasurable.

Do you have other suggestions? Share them with us.

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