How To Eat Healthy In CollegeApril 24, 2012

The presence of the chicken nuggets, together with the cookies and food burritos means that unless a student is highly disciplined, chances are that he/she will develop unhealthy eating habits thus risk his/her health.

The good news is that the college student can actively learn how to eat healthy. Start at the college's dining hall by evaluating if there are any healthy options. The salad bar is a good point to start with and take enough vinaigrette dressing that has low fat, the leafy veggies as well as juicy tomatoes. Choose an apple, or some other fruit, in place of a scoop of ice cream. Grilled chicken should be prioritized over the greasy burger as well. These are not options that will cost you much because chances are that they are readily available within your college's dining hall.

It is impossible to avoid the fast food restaurants when in college. However, your focus should be on eating healthy options such as plain baked potato. You should keep away from the fries which are calorie-laden. If you must order for tacos, ensure that they have neither cheese nor cream. For your pizzas, make sure that they contain a lot of veggies while at the same time are dressed with very little cheese. Sugary drinks need to be skipped as well. Rather than consume a lot of non-diet soda, you should take more green tea, water or even diet soda.

There are a number of healthy snacks which you can easily find and stock your college room with. This will come in handy during those moments when you need to take a short break from your studies. Healthy snacks such as plain popcorn should be stocked in your room hand in hand with dried fruits. Ensure that you also have enough provision of walnuts in your room at all times. You should remember that the eating habits you develop in college tend to stay with you for the rest of your life. If you have healthy eating habits in college, your health will benefit.

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