How to Promote Healthy EatingJanuary 05, 2015

Australia Day will be celebrated in a few weeks. Expect everyone (or most Australians) to go out and cook barbeque.

Kidney Health Australia came up with Big Red Barbeque, a campaign to raise awareness on kidney disease. This meant promoting the virtue of healthy eating. No red meat? Not really. Nothing wrong in indulging in food now and then. But overeating can lead to illness. There's nothing like being healthy, especially during old age. This is how to do it:

Cook it right. Make sure that the portion is right. It shouldn't be overcooked or undercooked. It must have been stored properly, as food spoilage might take place. Fruits and vegetables must be consumed immediately (or during the shortest time).

Eat moderately. Too much carbohydrates isn't good, as excess sugar can make us lethargic. It also makes us sleepy, and it's not a good thing when we're older. It's the same thing with protein, which can cause high blood pressure. Try to be a food connoissuer. If not, make sure to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. We've been told and taught about the benefits of vitamins and minerals (found in fruits and vegetables). If you don't have a clue, then go online and do a research.

Eat slowly. Not that there's anything wrong with eating in a hurry, as long as it's fruit(s) and vegetable(s). But what about meat? The digestive system don't break down complex protein instantly. Likewise, complex sugar don't turn into simple sugar after an hour or so. It helps if you do something, but it's likely you'll go to the living room and take a seat. Backyard cricket will be the only alternative, but there's a better one. There must be good conversation in the dining room. Better eat slow (in able to join the conversation).

Drink water. A glass of water before a meal will aid digestion. In fact, 2-3 glasses of water must be consumed before breakfast. Red wine is good for the heart, so it must not be missing from the table. Nothing wrong about soda, as long as you drink it now and then. But there's no substitute to water.

Be a role model. You can't expect children to believe everything you say, even if it's true. In fact, snacks will appeal to them. Nothing like junk food, which is more accessible. So try to eat the right food - and do it in moderation. Don't give in to your cravings (except for dark chocolate). A program might be implemented in schools, where a reward should be given to those who will stick to the rules. It can be fun.

You might have some ideas to share, as we may have miss something. Better let us know, as January 26 is fast approaching.

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