How to Protect Your EyesightFebruary 09, 2015

What is the most important human sense? Many won't answer it right away. What is more difficult is if you have to choose one sense over the rest. Some won't have second thoughts in choosing the sense of sight. In fact, all those electronic gadgets are virtually useless if you can't see it. If you're an art patron, then you must see to appreciate. Couch potatoes need good eyes (and something comfortable to sit).

World Glaucoma Week (March 8-14) addresses an alarming statistics: half of the Australian population are unaware of glaucoma. Anyone afflicted with this disease have limited sight. This can lead to blindness. Aging is one of the factors affecting eyesight. Eventually, we need eyeglasses (to read at least). A number of factors that cause glaucoma are related to some old habits. If they're bad ones, then you'll likely be affected with it.

Although children are least likely to be afflicted with glaucoma, it's important to educate them. If not this illness, then on proper eye care. Unless poor eyesight is part of the family's history, which means a child must wear eyeglasses at an early age, then we can teach them a few precautions. Let's make it life-changing habits:

Keep the light on while reading. We've been taught that Vitamin A improves eyesight, and those who love to eat carrot will attest that they can see in the dark. They're not entirely mistaken on this. (This is also the reason why Bugs Bunny doesn't wear eyeglasses.) Reading can be strenuous to the eyes, so don't do it with less light. The eyes must adjust to such condition, and this can be harmful if done frequently.

Keep a distance from the telly. The effect is not much different from less light (during reading). But something about TV rays can be harmful. Don't be surprised, as most gadgets can do more harm than good.

Eat right. Glaucoma is partly caused by a high amount of blood sugar. A change of diet will do. A healthy lifestyle is better. You don't have to consume carotene-rich food on a daily basis, but this is ideal. You're not prohibited to eat meat or any food that can fatten you (if you don't watch your waistline). But be careful. You must worry about it once you reach middle age.

Have your eyes check by the doctor. A visit to the clinic will be part of your routine once you're old. An illness can be costly, especially if you end up in the hospital. Not that an illness affecting your eyes can be life threatening, but imagine the adjustment you must do if you have failing eyesight. Keep in mind that you won't be able to do a lot of things like you used to.

Wear protective eyewear. The first thing that comes to mind is a pair of eyeglasses. Not exactly. Consult an opthalmologist to know more.

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