How very last century: Why you should feel optimisticApril 03, 2017

Ruth Quibell's 'The Wisdom of Frugality" can be a handy book for university students who struggle to stretch their allowance (or meager salary from part-time jobs). It's simply better than clever. There's a constant need to compel the so-called beast of longing, and peer pressure can only put many teenagers on a losing end. It takes a lot of willpower, not to mention a frequent visit to the Sydney Opera House. What does this iconic landmark have to do with this post? If you happen to be a Sydneysider, then it will make you feel optimistic about Australia. Think of tens of thousands of tourists coming to this part of the world, as the Opera House is part of their bucket list. They must play thousands of dollars while you only need to take a train and a not-so-long walk. If you reside outside New South Wales, then you can Google it. You'll get there sooner or later.

Quibell's book provides nuggets of wisdom, which can be applied to the daily routines in the university. How? Let's discuss it one by one:

Spending is the most passionate endeavor of modern life, but you can do something about it. If this will sooth you, then think before purchasing it. You may end up in debt or you live way below your means (until your next allowance or salary). It seems easier said than done especially when you notice your flatmate with a brand new gadget. Better turn the other side. Purchasing may have some evocative power, which makes you feel good. It won't last long, though. You'll be longing to spend one more until you fight the urge. Try delay gratification. If you can't do it, then you can tell your parent (or an older sibling) about it. They can talk sense.

Focus on the inanimate objects. What are your dreams? If it's related to the coursework, then you have many reasons to be motivated about fulfilling the requirements. Better finish your assignments ahead of the deadlines, which will give you some time to indulge in other things. (Social media can be a good excuse.) Do your best while preparing for the examinations, but don't forget to have a good night's sleep. If you're getting tired of the routine, then remind yourself that you'll only have a few years to do it. How about travel goals? You might start with Bali.

Australia is still a lucky country. You might take this one for granted, if not be clueless about it. After all, teenagers are more occupied about themselves. It's only natural, but it will cross your mind that there's a sense of nostalgia and fear. It's not hard to figure it out after looking at the vast, blue sea. The Outback stretches as far as the horizon. And the economy. It seems complicated, if not an enigma. Grab a surfboard instead. Play backyard cricket (with your mates). Lie down after spending a few hours on your assignment. (You might be preparing for an examination.) If you happen to be in Sydney, then arrange a date with the Opera House. You know the rest.

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