It's History Week. Let's visit some war memorials.September 16, 2014

This year's History Week was held on September 6-14. It was about the impact of World War I on Australia, of how the Gallipoli campaign became a turning point in our history. ANZAC Day remembered those Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in the Ottoman Empire during World War I, but this wasn't the only one to commemorate a seminal moment.

ANZAC Day is a solemn event. History Week can be fun. No one would be bored, not one would fall asleep either. But let's not go into detail. The first half of September is the beginning of spring, the perfect time to go out. Nothing can be more enjoyable than visiting the military monuments. (You read it right.) There are lots of it in New South Wales, but chances are you have no idea of their existence. It's time to be aware of the past. (Dead people are forgotten, but let's make an exception on this.) Are you ready for your itinerary? Let's look at these places of interest:

ANZAC War Memorial. Located at the southern extremity of Hyde Park on the eastern edge of Sydney's central business district, this was built as a memorial to the Australian Imperial Force of World War I. Designed by C. Bruce Dellit, an architect who pioneered the Art Deco style, this is where commemoration ceremonies on ANZAC Day, Armistice Day, and other important occasions take place. Hyde Park is the oldest public parkland. Expect to get lost once you walk through the fig-line avenue. You'll be intrigued with the obelisk, which didn't originate from Egypt. (It was modeled on Cleopatra's Needle on the banks of River Thames.) There are other interesting features that this park offers, but don't forget the ANZAC War Memorial.

World War I Rolls of Honour. Glen Oak, located 125 kilometers north of Sydney, is a small town notable for the School of Arts Hall. At the entrance to the hall are two pillars honouring the local men from the area who fought during the war. Built during the turn of the 20th century, it's the only surviving structure from that era. It's a long journey if you're coming from Sydney, but think of Hunter region. The vista of verdant fields and river is worth the trip.

Tumbarumba District Roll of Honour. This is another town in New South Wales, located 480 kilometers southwest of Sydney, that must not be missed. A monument is found there, where the Tumbarumba Pipe Band do the ANZAC march. If you still have second thoughts, then you must know that this small community is at the western edge of Snowy Mountains.

Mittagong War Memorial. Mittagong is the gateway to the Southern Highlands. A structure is erected in memory of those who served during the Great War. It's a cruciform-shaped clock tower raised on two lots of four pillars, a unique formation if compared to the other military monuments.

Suggest other monuments we can visit.

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