It's Not Overrated: 10 Good Reasons to Go to CollegeAugust 03, 2017

If you have the passion for learning new ideas, then college may be the last place for you. After all, there's no syllabus for how to live your life. Some students are more interested in giving their CV a good brand. (In this regard, the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and Monash can get you far.) The rest have second thoughts, as they would worry about incurring (student) debt. You'll miss a great deal if you don't go to college.

The people who don't have faith in tertiary education are the ones likely to drop out of the university. They will also cite the likes of Steve Jobs, who have managed to succeed beyond everyone's expectations. (And they don't have a framed diploma in their office.) But there's much to gain from your few years in the university. It has nothing to do with first love, but it can happen to anyone. The university is the place to meet your best mates. If you're truly serious about your future, then you can make a head start before graduation. You'll also be comforted with the thought that you're secured in many ways. You'll also have the opportunity to meet different people, which will be useful when you're a professional. And you'll be forced to be a responsible adult. There's more.

Think of the Long Term: the Upside of a University Degree

Your university degree will have sentimental value. You'll be proud of what you have achieved in your life, as the coursework will force you to get out of your comfort zone. There will be days when you're stressed and exhausted, if not sleepy for days. But you're not alone. (Misery does love company, but it doesn't apply here.) The coursework is a unique experience, so you'll reminisce it with the people you have to spend the time during these years. It would be incomplete without the nightlife, with your course mates (or house mates). It can't get better.

There are career opportunities if you are really interested in it. Let's not talk about your gap year, where you'll be tempted to pack your backpack and end up in an unfamiliar place. (You'll get to that part later.) There are entrepreneurship opportunities, provided by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. If you look sharp at the bulletin boards, if not ask your tutor (or the Guidance Office), then you'll learn about companies offering an internship. Check out the details. Ask yourself if it will increase your chances of getting hired right after graduation. If you're sensible enough, then you won't let this golden chance pass up. You'll learn the virtue of delay gratification.

You're assured of economic security. If your parents insist you to go to the university, then they know better. It's been proven that an undergraduate degree will guarantee you of a job sooner or later. It will be unfair to some people, but they should know better. Whatever knowledge you'll learn in the university will provide the foundation for your chosen field. It will up to you to learn new skills and expand your network later on.

You'll meet different people. How it will benefit you will depend on your background and motivation. If you want to have lots of friends, then you'll find one before the beginning of the term. If you want to learn from the best minds, then you come to the right place. If you're looking for people who will guide you in career advancement, then you can expect to find one before the end of your first year. But look at the bigger picture. (Different students from different walks of life converge in the hollowed grounds of the university. You'll likely to have a richer experience if you'll befriend a foreign student.)

You'll come up with creative solutions. You may first learn about it when you're thinking of how to write a scholarship essay, but some applicants won't struggle (while doing this task). It has something to do with your small space, and how you can make it your second home. (Your housemates will be envious of your creative mind.) It has something to do with the dining hall, which seems far when you don't feel like going there. (You'll learn how to prepare your own food.) It has something to do with your limited budget. (You'll be proud for not asking Mum frequently.) Think about it.

5 More Reasons to Love College

Your university ID will get you discount in gyms, museums, and local attractions. If you don't fancy any of the three, then think about theaters. You won't get bored unless you have a deadline to beat.

There will be many health benefits. Writing (and thinking) can be exhausting at times. Finding halls may burn more calories than you imagine all along. Your housemate(s) will likely invite you to a friendly game of backyard cricket. It will be very rude to pass it up.

You'll get the chance to travel to a foreign place. If you are really keen on using your gap year to cure your wanderlust, then it will better if you volunteer for a cause. You might do a bit of compromising, as Bali is on your bucket list. No one will stop you from hitting the beach, but you can ask some locals about less-privileged women learning to weave for a living. You might have a few ideas (to help them alleviate their condition).

The university will help you learn about self-awareness. Teenagers can be self-absorbed without knowing their capabilities and limitations. All it takes is an open mind, which your professors can help you.

You'll take part in the dating game. You'll also look for friends.

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