Just Do ItMarch 04, 2015

The "Jump to Cure Diabetes" campaign dares participants to do the ultimate challenge. They must conquer their fear of height, as they sky dive. There's no need to analyse this, as this is one way of making a worthy cause enjoyable. And there are other means to do it.

This month-long event doesn't mean that you must be active during this particular period. As the doctor will tell you, an active lifestyle is the best way to beat diabetes. This is due to the high amount of blood sugar, which can be hereditary by nature or a result of overeating and sedentary lifestyle combined. There are five ways to prevent it, which may be less thrilling than sky diving. Remember it's a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Let hear it:

Walking. It's an easy thing to do, which doesn't require motivation. It can be anytime of the day. It's so convenient, as you can do it alone or with someone. Backpackers should know, as they must walk tens, if not hundreds, of miles in able to save their pocket money for other expenses. You won't be dead tired (unless you're in the Outback). You can't even sense your hunger (until you hear a low growl).

Travelling. Going places can be exhausting. If bringing along a luggage (or a backpack) won't be strenuous enough, then how about doing it for days, if not months. This is the reason why some choose to travel lightly. This is not cheap, but it can be rewarding. Just make sure you're hydrated and haven't eat much while you're up in the air.

Team sports. Unless you're an athlete, then it's hard to motivate yourself to exercise. No one likes to wake up very early, and there are days we rather do nothing. This doesn't mean we can't be flexible about it. Better have company. Backyard cricket, rugby, basketball, there are many options to choose from. Make sure that you're doing for fun, and there's no need to be too competitive (unless there'll be a wager before the beginning of the game).

Swimming. There are many reasons to get drenched, as the sea is not far away. If you're from the Australian Capital Territory, then don't sulk. It's not hard to find the nearest swimming club. And let's not forget the pool in the neighbourhood. Swimming can be invigorating, and nothing can give you a better feeling than when you're wet. Imagine if you're soaked in sweat.

Exercising. If you rather choose the gym, or your own home, then well and good. Keeping fit and being consistent about it can be done. Don't overdo it. Don't eat a lot (because you have lift weights).

Do you have other suggestions? Drop a line. We are all ears.

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