Let's Do It!September 29, 2014

There comes a time when you feel it's time to do something for others. It can be a worthwhile cause or a non-government organisation not far from where you live. But you don't know which one to go. Not a problem if you really want to commit.

It's no coincidence there are lots of events on the month of September and the early days of October. (There can be no better time than spring.) The children can join and have fun. You don't believe it? Let's list them down:

Fruit 'n' Veg Month. Healthy Kids Association has good reason to come up with this month-long event. Children are an active lot, but they may not eat the right food. Junk food is available on a snap, and once they taste it, there's no letting go. Soda is the perfect drink to go with it, then the grilled meat. Not bad when they aren't consumed on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, it's not the case. Plan some activities to make children aware of the importance of fiber. We might need to recall biology and chemistry. Medicine can't be avoided. Wealth of information can be fun.

Great Outback BBQ. Maybe this can be a good excuse to consume unwanted calories. As Banjo Peterson and the other great writers of the colonial era have pointed out, the Aussie character can be seen outdoors. Many will point to the bush, but let's not get carried away. (There's a time and place to learn - and appreciate - Australian literature.) Going to the Outback is the best way to be with family or mates. Nothing like good memories, with barbecue to put a smile on your face.

Debris Month of Action. Children learn about waste disposal, recycling, and water conservation from adults. This is a start. We know that accumulated debris ends up somewhere, and sadly, many find itself in the sea. Although it's too early to teach young minds on waste management, maybe a trip to the beach will make them see what a lovely place we live in. From there, we can teach a thing (or two) on conservation.

Save the Koala Month. The koala bear, the iconic figure of Oz, is vulnerable to bush fire. This picky creature is not that adaptable. Buying a koala plush toy won't save them, but it helps to know their traits. A visit to the zoo is a good suggestion. Joining a field trip, with the chidren, is even better.

Heart Foundation Door Knock Appeal. This is about adults who have unhealthy habits. Not that this is something that children should be interested, but they can learn the benefits of an active lifestyle. Backyard cricket can be a delightful experience. It's also convenient, but there are other options. (How about a walk in the park?) You can make a good impression on a young mind by setting an example.

We certainly miss something here. Let us know.

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