Pedaling to HealthMarch 06, 2015

March 13 is the day to leave the car key and get those bicycles out. National Ride2School Day is not only a campaign for a cleaner environment, but also to keep the children fit and healthy. And what better way to do it than to ride on two wheels?

Australians have come a long way in terms of environmental protection. The same thing can be said about healthy lifestyle. But we can't assume the actual figures to represent the majority. Otherwise, there won't be any preparation prior to the 13th of March. Furthermore, we won't hear other campaigns relating to issues on children's health.

You have heard the reasons before, but there's a need to make us aware. Again. Why ride the bike? It provides many benefits to students. Let's hear it:

Good health makes better students. It has been proven that children who are active tend to have better academic records. Some would point out the geeky ones, but they can be called exceptions to this case. Those who are familiar with children's behaviour would attest the change of mood when they lack sleep. And this will have an effect on their attitude towards their studies. It's the same with those who lack exercise, which might prompt some to wonder if these symptoms also apply to adults. Now you know.

The bicycle is a good outdoor companion. We love sunshine, and nothing inspire us more than the sight of green everywhere. Walking may be the best means to appreciate the scenery, but the bicycle can be an option. It won't be tiresome whenever you go the distance, as long as you ride on a leisurely pace. Moreover, you prefer this over walking if ever you value the time. (Some of us have busy schedules, yet we try to find a work-life balance.) Either way, there are no excuses not to pedal.

Cycling can be fun. Nothing beats good company. Riding with your family can be an enjoyable experience, and it will be something to look forward whenever this activity happens frequently. It's no different with your mates, especially if you're going to school. Make sure you remember the precautions. (No speeding. Always look sideways before crossing a street. Never forget to wear a helmet.) No need to worry if you keep it on mind.

In case you're wondering what bicycle you must ride on, then find out which is most comfortable to you. This may take some time, but there's no need to make a rush. After all, an uncomfortable ride might prompt you to stick to walking. Make sure your bicycle is in good condition.

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