Prometheus: Generation WhyDecember 15, 2016

It didn't take long for the word to get out, as Ridley Scott and his crew were filming "Alien: Covenant" in an outdoor location west of Sydney. No one knew what the premise aside from a few things. It would have a May 17, 2017 playdate. It would reveal the fate of Elizabeth Shaw, an archaeologist who travelled to a distant moon (aboard the Prometheus). And her companion, an android named David.

"Prometheus" was one of the most anticipated films of 2012, and the first thirty minutes lived up to the hype. Two archaeologists found a common thread among ancient cultures: the Engineers, the human race's forerunners, have been sending a message to the inhabitants of the first civilizations. Peter Weyland, the CEO of Weyland Corporation, funded the exhibition of a team to LV-223, where a huge structure was laid on a barren, mountainous terrain. They find dead bodies and decapitated corpses, as they assumed that the race of Engineers was an extinct one. And they left cylinders containing a dark liquid. It didn't take long for Shaw and the rest of the crew to know what it could do.

Scott planned "Prometheus" and its sequels to be the prequel to "Alien" and its sequels. If one would look at the series closely, then there wasn't anything terrifying about an alien species who was more interested in propagating their own kind (unless the viewers became part of the story). But Scott knew how science fiction and mystery could cast a spell on the viewers. Hollywood producers would love it, even sensing millions of dollars. "Prometheus" turned out to be a bit of a letdown, as it would leave the audience asking a lot of questions. Perhaps this would define their generation.

What could the huge spacecraft (of the Engineers) be doing on the far side of the moon? It was pretty obvious that the dark liquid might be used as a biological weapon. Did the Engineers knew that an alien life form could be formed from it? It would be possible (after recalling the opening scenes of "Alien"). Shaw, who was sterile and incapable of conceiving a child, found herself pregnant with a squid-like offspring. It wasn't hard to deduce that the dark liquid would need a living host. Did the Engineers intended to spill the dark liquid on every body of water on Earth? It seemed to be the case (if viewers would look back at the Alien series).

"Alien: Covenant" would allude to another spacecraft, and how the crew discovered David. Mum's the word about the inclusion (or non-inclusion) of Noomi Rapace, who would play Shaw. (It won't be long before this sequel hits the theater.) But the poster featured a familiar figure. It was the same one that haunted Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver). What might be new about this next one? If "Prometheus" were an indicator, then those who found out about the shooting might have pretended to see something else. Then again, moviegoers should give Scott some credit. He might have something up his sleeve.

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