Show Us Your LungsNovember 24, 2014

Lung Health Awareness Month doesn't point out the most obvious facts. Adults know that the lungs are suspectible organs. Many died from illnesses like tuberculosis. As the campaign's name implies, it's about making sure you're lungs are healthy enough.

Although youngsters can't comprehend how the lungs function and what can go wrong if they aren't taken care of, there are other ways of showing its importance. It's time to be creative! Here are some suggestions:

Do the walk. Any form of physical activity is good for the health, and nothing is more convenient than walking. It doesn't cost a lot (except for the pair of shoes). You can do it anytime (but not during a humid day). It can be done (and there are no excuses). There are alternatives, like running. But this can be strenuous. Unless the children are eager, then...

Ride the bike. Not every day is an ideal time for walking. Unless we do it at a leisurely pace, then it can be tiresome. Bicycle can be an easy to do, as long as precautions are followed. (Wear a biking helmet, don't pedal faster, be careful on the road.) It's the best way to go to school (and back home).

Take a dip. Asthmatics are encouraged to swim to strengthen their lungs. It's also the best ways to cure asthma without being dependent on medicine. We love the outdoors, and there can be no better place than Oz. Don't forget the floaters (if you're in the pool). Never venture far (if you're in the sea).

Don't smoke. Not long ago, movies and television have shown how cool smoking could be. There was a change of lifestyle when it was proven that smoking can cause cancer. Nicotine may be hard to resist, but we don't want to set a bad example to kids. If you can't kick the habit, then think about the harm you can do to them.

Make sure the air is clean. No need to be taught that polluted air is not good for the lungs. The sight of it sends a clear message. It doesn't mean that we must spend more time indoors, as the air inside may not be good for your health. Check out the ventilation. Inspect the fireplace. How about the smell of paint? Don't leave anything out.

Eat lots of leafy vegetables. Not everyone will appreciate the nutrients that green-colored vegetables bring to the table, but it's better to start at eating it at a young age. After all, it is proven that it lessen our chances of having cancer later in life. But children won't understand any of these. So be the first to take a bite.

Watch out for your cough. Coughing may be a natural reaction of the body, but it's not good sign if this persists for a few days. Consult a doctor if you don't want the children to be infected.

If we miss something, let us know. It's better not to be left in the dark.

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