Show Your Pearly WhitesMarch 24, 2015

Aussies are not grumpy by nature, so there are many reasons why we must show our pearly whites on April 1. National Smile Day is for the sick children, making them forget about their illness for a day. Some doctors will dress up as clowns, but this doesn't mean that they're less serious about their job. Laughter is the best medicine - and the smile is the way to a child's heart.

We heard all the reasons why it's better to smile than to frown, one of which the former will make us younger. There is a basis to that, and there's no need of any scientific evidence to back it up. Think it over. Smiling does have lots of benefits, which we often take for granted. Let's remember it:

Smiling gives you a good feeling. You don't have to watch "The Sound of Music" over and over again if you're a non-believer. But no one wants to be in a bad mood. You don't fancy a day of wallowing in negative thoughts. (Some will attest that it can lead to a series of unfortunate circumstances.) You have nothing to lose if you look at the matter positively. Smiling does it. You'll notice the change in a matter of moments.

Smiling helps you make new friends. People are not drawn to your smiling face because of your shining teeth. You seem pleasant. You can be attractive. There's something special about you. Observe in able to be convinced about it. (Haven't you noticed the way people look when they're selling something?) About those with dour looks, there's a story behind it. (It's rather a long one.) Besides, the sun never goes down in this part of the world. You know what follows.

Smiling will remind you that we live in a good place. Actually, this is what the campaign is really all about. This is not about the sick children who must get better. It's about us as well. There are moments when we are down, for some reasons or no reason at all. Instead of getting stuck in it, we must find a way to cheer up. A smile won't take an effort. It won't take long to see the effects. Sometimes, you don't need words to make people feel better. One expression will do - and it takes a second or two.

We love to hear the other reasons from you. But even without reading this, you know what it means. So go out. Meet people. Show them what a lovely day it will be.

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