The big questions of the dayOctober 04, 2016

Michael noticed my forlorn expression. He was going to ask me about the dating game until he saw a CD besides my laptop. Crowded House would have a new show, and I was unable to buy a ticket. There would be another one, but I must pay more (for the ticket). It was silly to pay hundreds of dollars for a concert, but I've been listening to "Don't Dream It's Over" for months. My housemates thought this song was my personal anthem, and they were getting sick and tired of it. But Crowded House gave me company during those sleepless nights. I had deadlines to beat, and I came close to miss it. Thrice. My housemate put me off the blue. He asked me how I would teach the Himalayas. I wondered if he was referring to a module that I haven't studied yet.

The Himalayas could be a metaphor for personal success. There won't be a shortcut to it. I was thinking of "The Razor's Edge", about a Great War veteran who discovered the truth about happiness. It took him to three continents, but I figured out that he was a special case. It could happen in the university after months of toiling on papers. In my case, I was thinking of a cool evening, which would keep me focused on my paper writing. There were some evenings when I would have a drink (with my housemates). Surfing on a weekend could be an option. Alas, most readers won't be familiar with W. Somerset Maugham. I was wondering about a Young-adult version of the veteran, but Magnus Chase would come to mind. I happened to be a fan of the Norse mythology, but the Lapland was far from the Himalayas. And then a recent happening distracted me one more time.

Professor Norton asked us a question. Why would some authors pen fantasy instead of realistic prose? Sarah impressed us with her response. (The Harry Potter books would reveal about class, racism, and the root of fascism.) Finn figured out that the more we learned about our reality, the more that we don't understand it at all. I was lost in the conversation, as I wondered how the coursework would help me allay my fears. I don't have a clue about my career options. As a matter of fact, it was the farthest in my mind. My housemates told me to make the most of the moment, but this was my second year at the university. Time could fly faster than I would imagine.

And here's a real distraction

Michael and I loved to watch tennis matches on YouTube. We were planning to travel to Flinders Park this summer, but it would depend on the budget. He was a Rafa fan, and he was thrilled that the Spaniard would play in Brisbane on New Year's Day. There seemed to be a gentlemen's agreement between Rafa and Roger, as the latter competed in the Brisbane International during the last two years. The Swiss would be seen in the Perth Arena during the same week.

Serena Williams, on the other hand, would make her debut in Auckland. I wondered if Venus, her older sister, would make another appearance. The ASB Classic was a Tier Two tournament, Michael pointed out. This would mean that only one Top 10 player was allowed (in the main draw). I was surprised by this information, as I couldn't figure out why the big names in the ATP Tour skipped the 250 tournaments. It seemed that Michael had more time for other matters.

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