Thoughts for the weekMarch 21, 2017

Is Australia heading into political instability? Not yet. A recent poll revealed about a quarter of the populace casting vote for the minor parties. We were supposed to be a two-party system, which has provided stability (in Oz) for many decades. The recent outcome could be due to a number of factors, one of which would be both major parties finding themselves on the same boat on several issues. It won't be uncommon, yet it wasn't hard to sense the disenchantment. Let's not get too far (and imagine a Trump-like politician to be the next prime minister), but some would think of ubiquitous figures in popular culture. The zombies, who made their first appearance in George A. Romero's classic. It set a trend, not to mention that some writers would be thinking of the disfranchised and despondent individuals in our midst. You might have heard about the new French film, "Raw". No need to provide the premise.

How to practice self-control? You read that latest feature about the newest (health) benefit of a broccoli, but it would quite remote from this topic. Many Australians have been overeating for some time, and it would go the same with Americans and Canadians. Food would be a means to relieve the stress from work, even forgetting one's problems (for several minutes or more). Eating could be another way of celebration, and there would be such a thing as the middle of the two. It must be up to you, but let's not stray further. It's easier said than done. It won't be easy to skip the oily food, if not changing your eating habit. Take it slow.

What will happen to Sydney's vintage trains? This will be bad news if you're a concerned Sydneysider. 3801 Limited had been a cultural attraction in this part of New South Wales, even if there have been reports about its closure. Money and politics would be two reasons, yet the organization behind this landmark would manage to find a way to keep this structure intact. It would be alive and kicking, as it would fight for its survival. This could be a good campaign, if not showing genuine concern on what was probably the most popular tourist destination in Oz.

This is not a retro thing. You're not a child of the 80s if you're unfamiliar with the cassette tape. "They are cheap to make, they are quick to make, they fit in your pocket and they are fun to collect," Sean Bohrman said. He's the co-partner of Burger Records, adding that half a million tapes have been sold during the past ten years. Australia would be among the top users, but there won't be any need for alarm. For one, the sale of cassette tapes would be negligible (to make a dent on the music charts). On the other hand, it doesn't mean that most Aussies haven't embraced the latest technological trends in recording. There may not be any copies of the old hits, and collectors might have sensed the steady rise of its market value. Someone in your household might be keeping a small fortune.

There's one way to see the best of Nick Kyrgios. He would need to square off against the best players during the early rounds. The Canberran native, who won three ATP tour titles last seasons, beat Novak Djokovic in Indians Wells. It would be his second win against the three-time defending champion in as many weeks. Agree?

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