What To Avoid When Writing Research PapersApril 18, 2012

You cannot pass your course if you ignore this vital skill. As the name connotes, you need to make sure that you carry out thorough research and learn as much as you possibly can about the topic or issue at hand. There are a number of pointers you need to avoid if you are to be successful.

Research papers need to be kept as factual as possible. A number of college students make the mistake of bringing their personal opinions into the paper they are writing while sacrificing the facts. It is crucial to avoid the temptation to paraphrase your words when writing this paper. Your focus should always be on making the paper or article you are writing full of facts that you have gleaned from the extensive research process that you have undertaken. It ought to be emphasized that the language used on this type of a paper need to kept or limited to research.

The tone used when writing research papers has to be kept formal as possible. This tone is the best for almost all types of writing for academic purposes but needs to be adhered to even the more here. In addition to keeping the tone formal, the college student writing this paper needs to keep it not only educative but also informative. At the end of the article, the reader needs to leave with an impression that he/she has read something that has left him/her more educated and informed than before. This is the basis of writing this type of a paper and must be observed.

One of the common mistakes you need to avoid making when writing research papers is that of writing in first person. As a rule, all research papers are written in third person and no other way. The end result of writing this type of a paper is to arrive at a result. This must be done by basing the result on the subject matter you have either been given by your professor, or by choosing yourself. The way in which you start and go on to arrive at your result, should be done in a more systematic manner and the reader needs to be able to follow your thoughts clearly to the end.

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