What To Do During Your First Days in Student HallsOctober 13, 2017

You have been given an unconditional offer from a university that you've been thinking during the last few years. Your outstanding records, along with your genuine enthusiasm for literature, have convinced the admissions tutor that you must be part of the English Department. Your elation would be mixed with anxiety, though. The coursework, which you've been warned (to be stressful at times), would be a fleeting moment. You're more worried about your first month in a student hall.

You'll meet your coursemates in a student hall, also other students from other departments. You have reminded yourself a few things: You won't ask about kettle (when you'll prepare tea); you won't be thinking of riding a unicycle (to get noticed right away), and you won't initiate a conversation on literature. After all, you must live along with these students. You should learn to live along with them. There's something else.

Fresher Week is a mandatory requirement, where you might get the chance of making new mates before the beginning of the term. It could be an awkward moment, as you'll meet young people who are strangers. If you try too hard to be friendly and cheerful to everyone, then you're likely to be acquainted with a few people of your age. There's no need to be disappointed otherwise. You'll get plenty of chances in the student hall. You're likely to heard horror stories from older students, but it doesn't mean that you would suffer the same fate. And there's no need to change an aspect of your personality.

Meeting other students with a box of their belongings in their hands doesn't seem to be an ideal way of making friends. Then again, your first party could lead to heavy drinking. (And you won't recall the names the next morning.) Embarrassing instances would happen, so you should learn to get over it as soon as possible. This is the first thing that you must put into your head. You must be aware of other things.

Turning Those Jittery Moments into a Golden Experience

You can talk about the coursework on a later time. Imagine the bored look on the faces of other students while some would tell you that they must sleep early. It could be a blow to your self-esteem, which wouldn't happen if you stick to the script. You'll talk about past episodes of "Games of Thrones". You'll engage in a friendly game, as you figure out the year that the final season would be shown to fans. You can talk about rugby and cricket. (You've been advised about getting too friendly with a female coursemate. It's up to you to decide on it, though.) You can ask about your recent happenings. Anything but the coursework. It can be a good topic (of conversation) during your second month when you know each other more or less. Show some patience.

Don't ask your new acquaintances with too many questions. You won't like them asking you about your degree course while you're struggling to carry your own box. You'll get annoyed if someone asks you about your journey (from home), as you try to keep your balance. And you wish one of them will give you directions. (You arrive a bit too late.) It won't be right to expect something from them, but you can make an exception on this one.

Show some interest. The only way to make new friends is to ask for their username(s) in social media. Absolutely not. Ask them about their interests. Make sure that it won't be one question, as following it up with another one (and one more) should give them an impression that you're genuinely interested in them. There's a possibility that you'll meet weird characters, as well as foreign students who seem too snotty to speak in English. Don't let this experience darken your perception of the university. It happens to everyone. If you keep on trying, then there's no way that you would spend the rest of the day (or week) on your own.

Keep yourself occupied. If you don't have a mate, then there's a possibility that you're thinking too much about it. Keep your laidback approach while you tend to other matters; you might have an assignment to do. Your professors have asked you to check out some titles. This is what you have come for, so keep yourself busy. New friends will come unexpectedly. (Someone might invite you for a group study.)

Know the rules of team play. There are no written rules, but you would sense it right away. If one of them has a hangover, then offer a glass of water. (If you volunteer to mop the floor, then expect them to do the same for you sooner or later.) You can express your individuality on your assignments and examinations, but not in the student hall. You must not forget the messy kitchen, as this will be one of the main reasons for disharmony.

Things Do Fall Apart

There are rules, which ensure a smooth operation in the student hall. Mistakes do happen, as there are some things which are beyond control. And it may lead to awkward silence. No need to cover your head with a brown paper bag, as it can happen anywhere. Some might be feeling the pressure at this early stage of the term.

Seek help if you really need one. (There might be a trolley somewhere, which should help you with your box.) Some students might be feeling fragile and sensitive, as it's their first time in the student hall. They are dealing with homesickness for the first time. (Some might take longer to get accustomed to the new surroundings.) Smile at them, which will break the ice. Ask them if they need help. (They might give you a wide grin after they notice your heavy box.) If you happen to be an early bird, then you must be quite familiar with the hall. You can help them with directions.

You'll get comfortable with one another sooner than you think. You can ask about plates (or paper plates) the week after next.

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