What videos are you watching right now?December 16, 2016

Kieren might be getting bored and restless, as he was wishing for a place where he won't hear the familiar drawl. I could suggest a book especially a Gothic novel, but my flatmate won't appreciate my sense of humor. I was thinking of an American reality TV show, which put the US a few steps back. The room, where the light was switched off. There was no sound except the light breathing until someone could confirm which one was snoring (during his sleep). He asked me what videos I watched on YouTube. I didn't see it coming, as I expected him to ask me about tourist destinations. He was a huge fan of James Corben's Carpool Karaoke series, who knew the latest pop hits. I didn't share his enthusiasm on this one, as I was rather selected on the songs I would want to hear from time to time.

STA Travel Australia released a video not so many moons ago, where the crew filmed three blokes travelling eleven countries in the span of a month and a half month. It would run for a minute, where a clip of a place would flash in a second. It should be a total of 60 tourist destinations, but the editing won't indicate that the crew covered eleven nations. The backpacker kept on moving towards the screen, but viewers won't know that it would be three different men. (I was unaware of it until I saw it a few more times.) "Move" was the name of the video, which perfectly fit it. I would love to do my own version, where I travelled around Oz for a few months. I was thinking of Antarctica, which won't be too far away. It could be as cool as what STA did. I should need an assistance, someone who would be good in taking pictures. It might be the hard part.

Pat came in, asking us what would be our New Year plans. It was too early to think such a thing, yet it might be the Harbour one more time. Mum told me about the upcoming fireworks, which would be more spectacular than this year's. I wasn't surprised about it, but I asked her if it would be a good idea to go out (and watch it). I was thinking of our backyard, with beer and barbecue to cheer us up. She didn't seem thrilled about it unless if I would be the one to prepare the grill and cook it. I might miss the colours in the sky, I might not be able to eat much (as I used to). Kieren liked the possibility of exploring the Outback. He saw the bird's eye views the other day, and he was impressed at how it resembled an abstract painting. It didn't surprise me, as such a view could deceive lookers. (They won't have an idea about the arid fields, which could be unwelcoming when the sun was way up.)

I told Kieren that I kept on watching an old video of “Don't Dream It's Over”, but he doesn't have a clue about Crowded House. The 80s would make a huge comeback, but retro hits won't be found in Kieren's playlist.

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