What You'll Miss About Being a College StudentOctober 20, 2017

Before you look forward to summer, you must delight at the verdant surroundings. Spring would be in the air, and you haven't been suffering from symptoms of spring fever. Yet. There was something else, and you felt a lump in your throat. It's your final year at the university, and you'll receive your undergraduate degree soon.

You're a BA English student, and the coursework isn't a walk in a park. Nonetheless, you've been mourning the perks that come with it. Essays have nothing to do with it, even if the continuous exercise in critical thinking have turned you into a discerning student. (It would be a good thing, as you could express your opinion clearly. You won't mind some students deeming you as a snob.) It's the knowledge you've learned during those few years. Cheap items. Beer. The last one doesn't suggest that you would turn sober after leaving the English Department, but there's nothing like a carefree night.

What will you miss about being a college student? Let's count the ways.

10 Kinds of Final-Year Student

You'll miss your mates. Your graduation marks an end of a chapter, and it would be your most-cherished moment. You can see yourself working in another country. On the other hand, you might be living in the same city. You'll make great strides in your chosen career. (Authorship will come later, as you're thinking of a related field.) It will be the same thing with your coursemates, as well as flatmates. (Some will move to other parts of the same country while others will find themselves in other parts of the world.) You'll keep on thinking about study groups, the camaraderie that help your resolve (to beat the deadline). You don't mind their constructive criticism, as you grow as an individual.

You'll miss the (university) bar. You don't like the thought of breaking the bank for a pint on a Friday night, but it will likely be a scenario in the very immediate future. You've lost count of the night out in your favourite bar, where you can have a good time on some loose change. Summer is approaching fast, so you're thinking of visiting the bar once more.

You'll miss your room. It was far from the tidy place that your other room would be known for. If your Mom were around, there won't be paperbacks that needed to be arranged on one side (of the room). Study table won't be messy as well. And your bed haven't been arranged since the beginning of the term. But there's no place like (a disorderly) home.

You'll miss your morning lectures. You were unable to wake up early, but you don't want to skip a lecture. You figured that others won't mind you attending one in your pajamas. And it turned out that your professor haven't noticed anything unusual when you did the unthinkable. Some of your coursemates admired your audacity, even telling you that they would follow your act. You could have done better on time management, though.

You'll miss the (student) discount. You've been struggling to stretch your budget, but you won't change it for the world. After all, the (student) discount was a huge privilege. You don't want to end it soon, as you cringe at the thought of paying full price for a pair of jeans.

You'll miss the long summer. It's not that there won't be another summer, but you have been getting used to idle moments whenever it's getting hot. Barbecue in the backyard didn't entice you to get out of your (air-conditioned) room, not even Christmas. It won't be "The Lazy Song", but you were dead tired during your break (during the holiday). You've earned it. so you won't feel guilty about it next time. (And it should be your last.)

You'll miss the bank overdraft. It helped in funding of your studies, even if there were bumps in the process many times. You didn't mind at all. On the contrary, you were grateful for it. You could write about it someday. (You might modify the part on student debt, though.)

You'll miss the student loan. It won't be those gloomy nights, where you wondered if you could pay your loans at all. It's rather that grin on your face after you found out that you have paid the last one.

You'll miss the library. The easy access to the computers would be your first reason. There were nights when you would go there, and finish your assignment ahead of the deadline. You could focus on your coursework, without a doubt. And caffeine had never been cheaper.

You'll miss interesting conversations. You enjoy the exchange of ideas, even if you agree to disagree (with your coursemates). You couldn't get enough of Reading Week, where you completely forget about social media and beer. (You nearly forgot to call your parents on a couple of occasions, though.) And you learn to respect your professors. They have been supportive and constructive about your progress. You doubt that your (future) boss would act the same.

You forgot something

You may have mixed feelings about those sleepless, coffee-filled nights, where you must finish those long essays. It would be a source of pride after you hear your Mom telling your neighbours that you're studying literature. People admire writers, which is quite a scary thought. (You don't like your Mum telling your neighbours that you're unemployed at the moment, but she might get used to it.)

Your few years in the university would be fantastic experience, and you wish you could prolong it. You haven't pondered the possibility of pursuing a graduate degree, though.

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