Why a Deadpool-Wolverine film won't be a good ideaJanuary 16, 2017

Ryan Reynolds saw a bright future after the box-office success of "Deadpool". It was a first for a Rated R picture, and a sequel was a fitting thing to do. Alas, Tim Miller won't helm it. This may spell trouble for Reynolds, who was thought to be a box-office jinx after the release of "The Green Lantern". The Canadian actor, who also produced "Deadpool", was looking up to a world similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). There should be crossovers, where Deadpool could encounter other superheroes. Wolverine was one of them.

Hugh Jackman, who played the mutant for almost two decades, would hang up his Adamantium claws after the release of "Logan" on March 3. Reynold had been sending tweets to Jackman, hoping for a collaboration. The Aussie actor wasn't too excited about it, as he was thinking about the timing. (If Jackman would agree to it, then expect a 2019 release. Fans could flock to theaters during the first quarter.) It could be a mouth-watering project if Kevin Feige didn't come into the picture. As a matter of fact, MCU was a mammoth success. Fans would expect producers to be faithful to the comic materials, but the audience won't mind it (or so the studio bigwigs thought).

The sequel to "Deadpool" don't have a title yet, and Reynolds had no idea about the story. Assuming that this picture would be another hit, then Reynolds could insist on Deadpool meeting another superhero. Wolverine must not be the one, though. Here are five reasons:

Wolverine is an Avenger. Diehard fans would be delighted if Feige announced another sequel to "Avengers", where Logan joined Tony Stark and the rest of the big boys. In fact, several comic issues revealed a strange relationship between Wolverine and Iron Man. Could it be Logan's nonconformist attitude? Possibly. It may also be Wolverine's slight aversion to leaders (whether they are good or bad). There's also a suspicion of familiarity breeding contempt. 20th Century Fox could send thousands of fans into wild celebration if they agree to loan Wolverine to Marvel Studios, but it would be wishful thinking instead. It's all about the money.

Like-minded individuals repel each other. Some may be delighted at the friction between Deadpool and Wolverine, but it would end up as two having a grudging respect for each other. Whatever interest it could generate among moviegoers would fizzle out sooner than later. A meeting between Deadpool and Spiderman should be a match from heaven, as the two are total opposites. Enough said.

Fox might not be lucky with another huge hit. The X-Men franchise was a success, but a puny one compared to MCU. Furthermore, the viewing public could be a fickle lot. It would be a huge gamble to bring Wolverine and Deadpool together unless Fox could bring Miller back in. Was there an issue of creative differences between Reynolds and Miller? This had been an old yarn in Hollywood.

There will be Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Jackman is hell bent in leaving Wolverine (in favor of other pursuits), then don't be surprised if Marvel Studios will look for another actor to portray him. It won't be an issue at all, as the comics will reveal to those who are unfamiliar with Marvel publications. Another thing will be the possibility of Jackman doing more musical. After all, he was starring in the West End production of "Oklahoma!" when he was hired to play Wolverine in "X-Men".

Lightning won't strike twice for Ryan Reynolds. The actor starred in "The Voices", a black comedy that didn't live up to its potential. But director Marjane Satrapi thought of a bizarre ending. (A serial killer happily singing and dancing with Jesus Christ and his victims.) Perhaps Reynolds should do more indie films, as it won't be wise to put all eggs in one basket.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us about your views.

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