Why Avoid the LeftoverDecember 22, 2014

We could be forgiven for not watching what we eat on Christmas Day. Mum might be cooking our favourite meal. The entire family would be there. What could be better to celebrate the occasion. Besides, all the calories consumed would be burned after cleaning the greasy plates and utensils. You may be asked to help in cleaning the dining room (and the living room). Then there would be leftover.

National Leftovers Day, held on December 26, would be significant from an environmental standpoint. Waste management has always been an issue, and even if we have found ways to deal with it, we won't see an end to it anytime soon. The campaign is also important from a medical point of view. Too much calories is not good (unless you're physically active). Some would argue about the season. No doubt about the weather being a good excuse to go out and throw the garbage. We could also invite our loved ones for backyard cricket. We have to deal with it.

The campaign doesn't guarantee a post-Dickens bliss, but it would make you feel good nonetheless. Here are the reasons:

Less food means less cleaning to do. If you've been washing dishes most of the time, then you may be wishing Christmas would be the time to take a break. If there would be visitors coming, then you might be thinking of excuses. Don't be silly. Make sure the food you prepare would be enough. In case there would be leftover, then store it in the refrigerator. There would be another day.

No leftover means nothing to worry about. Unless you're prone to overeating, then you have to deal about that portion of food. What if someone (in the household) won't eat it? What if it gets spoiled? This is the reason to prepare for it.

You won't be thinking about your health. If you're middle-aged (and reading this), then you know that too much food is not good. Think about the heart-related ailments, unless you are devoted to exercising. No need to fret, though. You can promise yourself to go out and walk later. If not, run the following morning. (Don't forget to stretch your leg muscles.) If you don't want to do this on your own, then get those cricket bats and remind the family about the warm weather.

It would be a good reason to stand. It would be understandable if you don't like to rest after a meal. In fact, everyone would prefer to continue the conversation (after meal time) . This may be a good time to wash the dishes, as standing would make you feel less than full. Perhaps you could invite a kin (or a friend of the family) to accompany you and chat (while doing the chore).

It would be the time to open that bottle of red wine. Remember that a glass of red wine is good for the heart. The dining table would be incomplete without it.

If we miss something, then let us know.

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