Why must your New Year's resolutions be kinderJanuary 06, 2017

The first goal is to lose weight after procrastination would lead to a (slight) fluctuation in your body weight. You didn't mind the (slight) love handles until your flatmates would notice it. No one likes to be stared at, and you don't want other people to stare at your unwanted pounds.

Your first year in the university was a learning experience, and chips and pizza helped you deal with the pressure of the coursework. You were eager to make it up next term, so you thought about your resolutions. There were second thoughts about embracing an acting lifestyle, as you still have trouble getting up early. (You swore that you sleepwalked during your first lecture at 9 AM.) You wouldn't look forward to another summer on the beach, as you've been thinking of a different experience. You won't be committing any mistake if you would be aiming for lofty goals, but it could be all up to you. There may be a possibility that you would falter along the way, as you put great expectations on yourself. It didn't dawn on you that your mates might not be the right people to help you achieve your goals. (Youth and insecurity can be a dangerous mix-up.) You must be kinder on yourself, aiming for goals that could be within reach.

Here's how it goes:

You resolve to read more. It's part of the curriculum, and you don't want to burn out (from too many titles). It will be important to read during your spare time, and the book must not be opened during Reading Week. It can be your favorite author, it can also be a genre unrelated to the coursework. Ridley Scott argued that superhero movies have no story, which could pique your curiosity. (If you happen to be a huge fan of comic books, then you may end up arguing with the filmmaker on social media.) This may be the best time to invest your time on the caped heroes, and you must do it for fun's sake. You might be tempted to answer Scott's claim, but let others do it. Some moviegoers want education and entertainment, but you prefer the joyride. Don't be surprised if you meet coursemates who are too passionate about the subject, such that a friendly debate won't be far away.

You resolve to eat less. Your coursemates didn't say a word, and it unsettled you. They never imagined living with a vain teenager, but you don't mind at all. You've been thinking about healthy eating, as you would try to increase your fiber intake. Carrot can be a good idea, but don't act like Bugs Bunny. Doc won't be amused at all.

You resolve to enjoy your free time. Your flat-mates may be thinking of a gap year, which could give them an excuse to see the world. You were one of those few students who insisted on more productive ways, so expect others to envy you. Volunteering may be the right course, as you could meet new people and learn new skills. If it takes you to a faraway place, then go for it. There's a way if you want it.

Do you have other resolutions? Tell us.

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