Why not Australia?June 04, 2014

It was unprecedented in sports history, but many foresaw it. Selecting the host city for the Olympic Games won't be a long and complicated process.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide on July 31, 2015, at the 127th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the host of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games. Six cities made their bid, namely Almaty (Kazakhstan), Beijing (China), Kraków (Poland), Lviv (Ukraine), Oslo (Norway), and Stockholm (Sweden).

Stockholm, which hosted the 1912 Summer Games, was the first to drop its bid, citing lack of political support. Kraków followed, where a local referendum was held last May 25. The result was negative, prompting the Polish Olympic Committee to discontinue. Oslo is uncertain, as it still needs financial guarantee from the government. (The parliament will decide this autumn.) Oslo was the host city for the VI Olympic Winter Games, while Lillehammer, a town in Oppland county, hosted the 1994 Winter Games. However, poll results revealed that the public wasn't in favour of the Nordic nation organising the Olympics for the third time.

The Olympic Games, an international, multi-sport event held every two years, brings publicity, boosting tourism and resulting to investment in the long run. So the gargantuan spending on the building of facilities and hotels. But many countries, including the United States, experienced the opposite. Not a few suspected that actual figures were not revealed, which would be further embarrassment. This is be the reason why New York City and Philadelphia discontinue their bids to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Australia is one of the few exceptions. Melbourne was host in 1956, Sydney in 2000. Many tip Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, to be next, being the site of the 1982 Commonwealth Games. John Coates, president of the Australian Olympics Committee (AOC), sees it happening soon.

"I think under the present IOC criteria, the most likely city is Brisbane," Coates said.

"The IOC is now saying that unless there are exceptional circumstances, they want the Games held in the July, August, September.”

"It will be interesting to see how Brisbane develops between now and the 30s.”

"You need to have in excess of 30,000 hotel rooms. For Brisbane, you could fudge it and throw in the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.”

"It's the best climate to host an Olympic Games in Australia in the window the IOC is now allowing."

Climate change may mean the Winter Olympics will be held in the Southern Hemisphere in the near future. It seems odd, as winter athletes take a break during the months of June and July, but that might not be the case. (Doha's bid for the 2016 Olympics was rejected because they wanted to hold the Games in October.) IOC may also take note of recent events, such that previous hosts of the Games - and other multi-sport events - get an advantage the next time they apply. Building new structures won't be an issue, and in this regard, Australia managed.

So why not Australia?

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