Why Volunteer?March 31, 2015

Leo Club is one of the many organisations in Australia that promotes community service. It has the young populace in mind, wanting them to make an impact in society. Many have done that, but they are motivated by personal goals. Nothing to be ashamed of it, nothing wrong about it either. Maybe April is the best time to put it in a proper perspective.

Why volunteer? It's better to give than to receive. Something along that line is behind the spirit of community service. But it's much more than that. This makes us valuable. It will help us realise that our society wouldn't exist without us. If you're one of those people who don't believe in it, then you better give it a try. Here's why:

Human connection is good for us. It's not necessary to make new friends whenever you go to a new place. Likewise, there's no need to bring out your extrovert side whenever there's a meeting. Remember that no man's an island. You'll encounter the same people, apart from your family and mates. And you might need them. Let's not get high and mighty about it. There's also no need to be defensive. You'll figure out the wisdom behind it once you get older. In case you're young (and reading this), then better be open to new experiences. And possibly a larger network.

Helping makes everyone feel better. A community service is an eye opener, where you'll find out that there's not enough help. Put it in another way, the world needs all the (helping) hands it can get. This doesn't mean that those who have been lucky should experience this to make themselves humble. (It's often been the case.) But think about it. How nice and lovely it will be when there are less people who need our help. It will be a better world when only a few need comfort and assurance. An open heart is easy said than done, which is what volunteering is all about.

Volunteering will lead you somewhere. Admit it or not, we want something in return. Community service does offer something. You will learn new skills that will come in handy later. Think about your CV, and how you'll stand out. And this isn't about the corporate sense of responsibility. Maybe there's no need to be the Jack of all trades, but many employers are inclined to consider this type of applicant. But let's not get ahead. Learning is what matters most, and this is a good thing for the teenage students. There's no better way than to be with people who have the same aspiration.

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