Your home away from homeMay 08, 2017

You're on a holiday. You're getting homesick one week after you board the plane that would take you out of the country. And you're having separation anxiety with your iPad.

You have never seen anything like Bali until you set foot on its coastline. It would remind you of Melbourne's seashores, which you have the chance to see many moons ago. You're about to be elated about this discovery until the lovely image of terraced fields (in Ubud) would come to mind. The colorful temples come next. Last but not the least, the kecak dance the other night. You're not the only one who is having these conflicting thoughts. Here's another sample: Frisco. You're a huge Rick Riordan fan if San Francisco will remind you of Camp Jupiter. Some Aussie travelers compare this seaside metropolis to Melbourne while others would be thinking of San Diego instead. Let's not get specific (and strip off the pleasantries). This is a subjective matter, not different from your favorite tourist destinations. Everyone will agree on several things, though.

No one could find the remains of a mighty civilization surrounded by boulders, the vista would make Hampi one of the must-see places in southern India. The southern parts of Australia have vineyards, which can make some locals think twice about traveling halfway around the world. The Outback doesn't have any structures similar to the Nubian pyramids, a reminder of a community that once flourished in that part of the Sahara. Uluru would be a good alternative, though. Last but not the least, it must be hard to compare the Sydney Harbour and the New York Harbor. It can be a case of apples and oranges. It's time to shift our focus to similarities. Here are some interesting trivia:

Perth and Cape Town. Both cities are geographically isolated from the other major cities (in Australia and South Africa respectively). A mighty view will reward those who are willing to travel the distance.

New South Wales and Brazil. If beach will be your first guess, then you know your geography too well. Byron Bay is renowned for its postcard-perfect cove, encircled by native flora. The sight of the lapping of warm water will bring out the laid back attitude out of anyone. (Let us put it this way: It's a sight that can thaw the cold heart.) It shouldn't be surprising if a similar cove can be found in the northern community of Itacara in Brazil. The sound of samba may be the only thing that differs one from the other.

The southern part of Western Australia and the central part of Chile. It will be hard to guess the similarities between the two places, so let's be more specific about it. Margaret River and Pichelemu. Anyone who has set foot in it will recommend it as a perfect surfing spot. It's pointless to find out which one is better. (Is there any difference between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean?) Perhaps the Patagonia will make Pichelemu stand out.

Many tourists will notice the similarities between Melbourne and Montreal, but the same number of people will think otherwise. Have you been to these places? Share your thoughts.

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