Your Problems are Solved: How to Write an Essay in an HourJune 22, 2017

The beginning is the most challenging part of the writing process. Authors need inspiration while some must go through different kinds of rituals. (Long walks worked for Charles Darwin.) You're about to start on your assignment, wondering how you can finish the task in an hour. You'll write an essay, not a novel.

Your essay assignment can be two thousand words long, which can overwhelm you whenever you think about it. A right approach can turn this seemingly impossible task into a routine, though. It's the same thing with an essay examination, which can place you in great distress. If the pressure to beat the time limit isn't worrisome enough, then think about your mental state. (If it is writer's block, then it can't come at a worse time.) Then again, anything can happen in any given situation. It's all about your mindset.

It's not hard to imagine your completing the assignment ahead of the deadline. You'll have more time for studying, if not looking through your other assignments. You might prepare for an examination, but you have other things in mind. (You're exhibiting symptoms of cabin fever or so you thought. You need to get out of your room. You also miss the telly.) You'll get there (and worry about it) when you're done with your essay. One hour can be an eternity, and you already have made up on your essay title. (You pick one from a short list provided by your teacher or you have submitted one for approval.) You must be able to compose an introduction, write the body of your essay, and close it with a conclusion in a matter of an hour.

Here's How to Write an Essay in an Hour

It will take you ten minutes to write the introduction. It can be a paragraph or two. It must provide an outline of your essay, but you might be tempted to start it with a question mark. There is one advantage about this one: You may be able to hurdle this task in less than ten minutes. Question marks are usually followed with answers, yet your essay should be different from the rest. You'll provide a background, in several sentences, and it won't take a minute to do an online research. (There's a possibility that you have a knowledge about it, which you read or learn from another class. It can save you a great deal of time.) You might go beyond the time limit, which is fine. If it comes to the worst scenario, then twenty minutes will be the longest.

The body of the sentence will be easier than you seem to think. You must be done in thirty minutes. You should pick the time of the day when you're at your sharp self. (You must be wide awake or you're eager to get through the writing process right away.) You must not think about mistakes that you'll make along the way, as there should be an uninterrupted flow of ideas. If you think you're missing (or overlooking) something, then you can read your draft slowly. Keep your focus, write with a feeling of abandon. Thirty minutes is shorter than you think it is, yet there's no need to worry about falling short on this one.

A conclusion must be done in ten minutes or less. You'll likely remember what you have written, so it's possible that you have come up with a conclusion (while you're writing the body of your essay). Don't spend too much on this one, as this won't finish the task. You read it right.

The Worst Part is Over, But You Have One More Thing to Do - Proofread

Proofreading is a task that requires lots of time. You may be exhausted after the completion of your draft, so you need to distract yourself with other things. (Social media can be a good idea. Make it quick, though.) If you don't have to beat the deadline too soon, then you can take a nap. Sleep is better, and there are a number of benefits. You'll be able to think clearly after a much-needed rest. You might be yearning for a break (and this should be the one that you're waiting all week). You want to give your best effort.

There's may be a difference between an assignment and examination, but the approach is the same (more or less). Don't lose your sense of urgency. Don't linger long on one particular item if you must catch up on the rest. Don't think hard about anything. (Keep in mind that a question mark should save you from uncertainty. There's nothing wrong about having lots of questions, as long as you're hinting at something.)

It will be fine if you didn't do it right on your first try. It will take practice (to perfect it), but your instructor will be impressed at your best effort. There's no reason that you can't ask your tutor (or fellow coursemate) for guidance. After all, school encourages teamwork. Learning can be more enjoyable if you're surrounded by curious minds.

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