10 ways to prevent computer vision syndromeJuly 08, 2016

Too much would be bad, and it could be worse in some cases. If you happen to be a student who constantly struggle to manage the coursework, then you could have experienced blurry eyes, headache, and a painful neck. These would be the symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CSV), which wouldn't be uncommon among university students. It could be the same symptoms from reading too many books. You may not want to relive Reading Week, even open your MacBook. You still have a long way to go, though. You must persevere before you receive your degree. And you could follow some useful tips.

Here are ten ways to do it:

Have a break. If it will take you hours to finish your assignment, then you must get up from your chair. Lie down if you must. Go to the window and stare at the surrounding. Do something else. You must take your eyes off the computer screen, as you might end up with sore eyes. Your eyes won't blink as often as it should, while you're glued to the screen. You could end up with dry eyes, and it won't be good. (It should be moist enough.) Do it every hour. It doesn't matter if your creative juices are flowing, as you might end up in a worse position. This would lead to the next item.

Plan your schedule. Procrastination would be part of a student's routine, but you could be an exception. Always think about your health.

Take a nap. If you notice your blurry sight, then you must hit the sack. There's no need to fight it, as this could be the time to have a rest. You don't want to get a headache, which could spoil the day. And you don't want to struggle with a painful neck when there would be many deadlines to beat.

Do the following. Your face must be a few inches away from the computer screen. Always keep a good posture. Don't forget to blink your eyes as often as you could. Don't ignore these simple steps, as your eyesight might not be the only one in jeopardy. And this won't be good for teenage students.

Go out for a walk. You're in a sedentary position for hours, and this won't be good for your body. You would need to move around, and there won't be a better way than to go out for a walk. If you have a fur kid, then your break would be a better time. A dog needs to move around. It would be the same thing with you.

Look at the pictures. Don't Google it. Social media is not another option. If you don't have a magazine around, then go out.

Try books on tape. Reading won't be less strenuous than looking at the computer screen for hours. You need a new reading materials, and it might come in another form.

Go to the fridge. You could be famished at this stage. You would need a drink.

Listen to music. The classics would be the most-recommended list, as this would inspire you to finish your assignment as soon as possible. Not that your favorite tunes would be less appealing, but it might be pop rock tunes. And you might not need to hype up.

Think of another way. The short list may not apply to you. There might be a better way. Tell us about it.

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