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How to Correct Costly Mistakes in Your University Application

Nov 13th 2017

Millions of teenagers would make mistakes during their university application, and most of them are unaware of it. Guidance counselors might have given them a bad advice, a result of long working hours. Peer pressure, if not follow the trend. Parents have good intentions, but they are ill-informed about the whole process. Applicants wouldn't know better while some couldn't comprehend the steps, which could cost a place in their university of choice....
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Should Universities Find a Better Way to Admit Students?

Nov 6th 2017

It's a tried-and-tested truth that admission to your university of choice depends on three factors, namely electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate, equivalent grades, and (admissions) essay. Not a few didn't like it, which would favour achievement robots than talented students who don't have favourable numbers. ...
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How to Deal With Different Housemates in Student Hall

Oct 27th 2017

The most challenging part of being a BA English student wouldn't be the paper writing. It won't be Reading Week either. It should be your housemates, as they could end up as your worst nightmare. You would meet them in the student hall often. You'll encounter them in a party one or twice (at the least). You wouldn't know that they don't like you until you get to know them. The last one shouldn't scare you, as they can be there when you need guidance. Besides, a good cook would be a rarity these days....
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