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5 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Research Paper Proofreading

Dec 14th 2018

Writing a research paper requires long hours in front of the computer screen, which doesn't make essay writing (or other forms of paper writing) less difficult to do. No one is pulling a leg. Finishing a research paper is a feat in itself, but the tedious work does not end here. After a lengthy time that university students would spend on researching, conducting their study, and writing their paper, there's still one final and crucial step that they need to do: proofreading. ...
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With a Little Help from Authors: Essay Samples for Students

Dec 5th 2018

Michel de Montaigne is believe to be THE writer that popularised essay as a literary genre, and his works would reveal what a good gentleman must do in a civilised community like Europe. Ralph Waldo Emerson's followers have a point to raise on this claim, as the Bostonian also made the essay accessible to American readers. As a matter of fact, he visited the largest cities in Western Europe (and write his experiences about it). You may not find this piece of trivia interesting at all, as you rather look for the works of a homegrown author who would make his (or her) own mark in the essay genre. It might take months, if not years, as you must go to the Outback. The arid climate may test your limits, but the rewards would be invaluable. And you're certain that it's not an author who is interested in bush poetry....
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Should All Art Students Learn How to Write?

Nov 28th 2018

Should all art student learn how to write? University students must keep in mind that this question isn't a rephrasing of a million-dollar question on the study of arts. The wide gap between students from working-class background and their affluent coursemates is as old as Father Time. Technology hardly changes the status quo, yet not a few members of the academia would notice that the study of traditional techniques is getting lost in this age of social media and reality TV. ...
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