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What Do You Hate About Online Learning? Teachers Respond

Apr 17th 2021

A very large proportion of university students are unhappy with online learning. Are you one of them? You do not wish to ever experience it again. Right? The length of online classes is shorter than face-to-face lectures, but you also have to do more work. And you hate it. Must you write down your sentiments and send them to the editor of your university newspaper?...
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How Can You Balance the Need to Achieve with Enjoying Life?

Mar 29th 2021

W.B Yeats once said that "the intellect of man is forced to choose: perfection of the life, or of the work". It didn't pique your curiosity when your professor quoted it because he was discussing the epic, as well as the drama, which was divided into tragedy and comedy. It was a thought that got lost on many students, but not on an academic achiever like you. But you felt like you weren't spending more time with your mates. Are you missing on the best years of your life?...
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Dreams Interrupted: Is 2021 the Best Year to Start a Degree?

Jan 16th 2021

The open spaces tuned you to a vast scale. You wanted to dream and think about the future. Is 2021 the best year to start a degree? Yes. The affirmative answer would surprise you, as you survived being yanked in and out of school during the pandemic. ...
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