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Taking a Graduate Degree: The Practical Guide

Aug 12th 2019

You should be thinking about a graduate degree during your final year as an undergraduate student, if not the year before it. This is an option that you must think long and hard before pursuing it. Are you up to it? There may be many changes in the workforce, but there's no doubt that it becomes more competitive than before. Many employers are looking for specialists, and a graduate degree is a proof of it. In other words, a M.A. (or M.S. or M.B.A.) would give you an edge over the other job applicants. ...
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What to Do When You Lost Your Lust for Learning

Aug 2nd 2019

There will come a point when you will lose your lust for learning, and it doesn't happen during the busy month of December or the dreaded spring semester. It can be any time during the term, even before the start of your studies. The reason can be trivial, if not serious. You'll sleep it off, if not distract yourself from studying, or consider dropping out. What must you do?...
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University Application: 5 Ways to Impress in Skype Interview

Jul 31st 2019

The opening of the term may be seasons away, but winter could be a good time to prepare for a webcam interview. More universities prefer this approach, which is faster and more reliable than the face-time interview. It's also more competitive, but university applicants must not be daunted by it. There have been an increase in the number of graduate employers interviewing applicants through Skype.or FaceTime. I...
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