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Tips for Using Zoom: How to Entertain Your Coursemates

Mar 30th 2020

The imminent lockdown would mean that lectures and group discussions could be conducted online. It's no longer a case of being prepared to embrace this new reality or not, but rather how to make it as entertaining, if not interesting, as the lectures and group discussions. You might be surprised at the fact that Zoom would enable you to know your course mates. You may be indifferent to the background, but it somehow makes you determine which ones could be your lifelong friends. It's hard to believe, but a small detail would determine that you share some interests....
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Testing Time for University Students: 4 Ways to Survive

Mar 27th 2020

It's the best time of time, it's the worst time as well. It's your favourite quote by Charles Dickens, which would make you obsess about setting foot in London and Paris. Travel plans must be put on hold, as about a quarter of the world's population is under quarantine. The coronavirus outbreak changed the world as you once knew it, as you recalled an image of the Sydney Opera House crowded by tourists. It was so early 2020! You were also planning about the upcoming term, but everything went out of the window. It's a testing time for everyone, university students included. We're all in the same boat, and there's always a way. ...
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Does Your University's Coronavirus Approach Worry You?

Mar 22nd 2020

Your mother felt that you were living in a different era, which made you wondered if she was referring to the Bee Gees, her favorite recording act. It was rather the decision of the Australian government in the upcoming school year, where school children and university students would be safer in schools and universities. You can't help but be worried about it....
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