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Lockdown Changes the Way You Learn. Why You Must Embrace It

May 26th 2020

University students are worried about going back to the campus sooner, but you see something else. The pandemic is a watershed moment in education (and the history of Australia). It would renew your interest and enthusiasm in your studies. You have noticed that you've been reading more books than before. As a matter of fact, you accepted a coursemate's invitation to join a book club. You look forward to those online gatherings, as not all members are studying literature. You won't mind a different, if not disparaging, opinion on the novels that you know too well. One thought that the longest and fattest books aren't essential during the quarantine....
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Why Weeks from University Could Benefit Students

May 15th 2020

Whether the university staff declare that it's OK to go back to the university or not, you must relish your time away from the campus. There's a likely chance that you could be attending recorded lectures when your university allows a minimum number of students to attend a (real) lecture. It doesn't matter if it's twenty five percent (of the maximum number of students) or less, as the remainder of your quarantine would benefit you sooner or later....
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Final-Year Students: How Has Lockdown Affected You?

May 11th 2020

May is death. May is hope. May is cruel. You smiled ruefully after writing those lines. You learned something from your poetry lessons, even if those lines suggested quarantine fatigue. You may be wary of the winter flu, even if Australia is one of the numerous countries that have been successful in handling the pandemic. You're a final-year student, and the lockdown would make you think less of the months ahead. You were supposed to prepare for massive examinations, ramp up your thesis writing, and look forward to that one big party. The coronavirus upended it, though. Don't be too pessimistic. Whining won't get you anywhere. You may be too exhausted to think about what's happening outside the university, but it should prompt you to make that final surge. ...
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