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5 Ways to Avoid the Sophomore Slump (and Other Excuses)

Apr 22nd 2019

Do second-year university students suffer from sophomore slump? The question may seem ridiculous after first hearing about it, as it applies to sport. Then again, closer observation would reveal that there could be such a thing. Incoming second-year students become familiar with the campus, which won't thrill them anymore. The paper writing may have affected them during their first year, such that they lose their so-called killer instinct....
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10 Autumn Holiday Tips for International Students

Apr 17th 2019

You're an international student who happens to come from a one-climate country. You're thrilled about the fall, not believing that the season would reach the midpoint. It won't be long before you would experience your first winter. You could prepare for warm clothing, even check out your window(s) and curtain(s). And you have all the time in the world. The autumn holiday is about to start, and you're not envious of other students who have a head start. You haven't planned your holiday. Yet....
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Paper Writing Success: How to Beat Procrastination

Apr 15th 2019

What is your reason for resorting to procrastination? It won't take a minute, if not half of it, to answer that question. You didn't read the assigned (written) text in its entirety for whatever reason(s). You can't think of a good opening after staring at the computer screen for hours. And you engage in a series of rituals that didn't motivate you at all. You don't have to beat yourself up, not even wallow in self-pity....
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