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Is Your English Literature Course Getting You Down?

May 22nd 2019

You're an English Literature student, spending hours each day reading books and writing your essays. You discuss the common themes in classic novels on top of providing your perspective on events that define a literary genre and the authors that popularized it. After reading another Graham Green novel, you're about to question the existence of God. You stop short when it dawns on you that you're becoming a Philosophy major student. This might be a sign that you're unhappy about the way you're handling the coursework. It may tell you that you should change courses. (If you're a second-year student, then you're about to get into a habit of beating yourself.) Is the English Literature course getting you down?...
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Funding Problem Solved: How Else Can You Study Abroad?

May 14th 2019

You aspire to study abroad, which surprised your parents. You also detected disappointment, which could be due to (the issue of) funding. It won't be a light matter if you're serious about England, where your old man would come from. Brexit would put incoming freshmen into a state of limbo, as there won't be any deal with the EU. It would dampen your enthusiasm,...
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Golden Age is Twelve: How to Analyze a Young-Adult Novel

May 9th 2019

You finish reading a novel, and you lose count of the number of books that you read. You've learned that protagonists can make as many mistakes as they like. It doesn't matter what they do, as everything works out in the end. They will beat the antagonists and put things right. Everything ends up cool. It would remind you of superheroes films except the ending of "Avengers: Endgame". Real life's nasty, also cruel. It doesn't care about heroes and happy endings and the way things should be. In other words, bad things do happen (in real life). People die. Fights are lost, and evil often wins. You might not have get over your Marvel hangover, if not you have spent too much in the loo (browsing through a Marvel comics). It should remind you of a Young-adult novel....
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