5 reasons to be part of Vivid SydneyMay 30, 2014

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, is surrounded by national parks, its coastal regions feature many bays, rivers, inlets, and beaches. These make the state capital of New South Wales the top destination this side of the Pacific. But during this time of the year, the Bondi Beach isn't the only place to go. When dusk sets in, the metropolis lits up like no other. This is Vivid Sydney, which takes place from May 23 to June 9.

"Vivid Sydney is a walking and moving festival," said creative director Ignatius Jones.

On its sixth year, the event rivals New Year's Eve for number of visitors. The mild winter is an ideal setting for this kind of festivity, highlighted by the lighting of the Sydney Opera House, one of the most distinctive buildings of the world. It is the structure most identified to Sydney, and for this year's opening, locals and visitors alike saw sharks swimming across skyscrapers, giant glowing orbs in the middle of the footpath, and neon splashes across the multi-venue performing arts centre. This year's design was created by 59 Productions, an agency renowned for their work on the 2012 Summer Olympics' opening ceremony.

Like any big gatherings, visitors must have a Plan B.

"There will be large crowds and you are not always going to be able to see or attend your preferred venue, or see the preferred things you thought you might have wanted to see when you left home," said Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch.

In spite of this, the event is expected to be a success, even better than the previous editions. So aside from the Sydney Opera House, here are five things to look forward to:

Harbour Lights. This is the first time that the famous harbour will be part of the festivity. Many of the cruise vessels, ferries, and water taxis will be decorated with brilliant LED lights, changing colours as they enter different parts of the harbour. Visitors won't see the sea the same way again.

Dichromic Dimensions. This interactive installation gives visitors the power, using only their voice, to unleash multi-layered shards of light across the blank canvas of the MCA wall in front of them. The complex visual patterns they create can be an out-of-this-world sensation.

Vivid Aquatique. The Vivid Aquatique Water Theatre was a huge hit last year. So Aquatique Show International is back, with a bigger, if not better, presentation to amaze visitors. Expect computer controlled dancing water jets in a ‘magic wall' of light and water, specialised sculptural fountains inspired by Louis XIV's ‘Water Garden' at Versailles, and marine fireworks.

The Vivid Night Markets. The event will be incomplete without the shop under the stars. Visitors can grab something to fill their tummy, take home some head-turning original fashion, jewellery, arts, crafts or homewares.

Gamma World - MCA Original Facade. Inspired by Artist Jess Johnson, the MCA building morphs into an interactive and dynamic performance space and coming to life. Visitors mustn't missed the changing of its appearance.

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