A Few Good Reasons to Apply for a Double DegreeMarch 28, 2018

You're about to apply for a place in a university, but you can't decide which subject to take. Specializing on one requires your utmost attention, enthusiasm, if not passion, on the subject, and steely resolve especially if you have three easy essays to do in a matter of few days (or an examination and two essay papers on the same week). It's a daunting commitment, so you might be thinking of a subject that you fancy for years. If you're thinking of the BA English program, then you must be subjected to a rude awakening. It will be hard work.

You have an advantage if you're familiar with the classics, but you're not the only one who has that knowledge. In fact, all applicants claim to have that expertise. It comes down to paper writing, which comprises the bulk of your final mark. This post won't discuss it, as it concerns another feature of the university. You should have heard about the dual degree. This option can be a logical one if you can't specialize on one field of study. You thrive on multitasking. You can't get enough of the opportunities awaiting you. And you're keen on amassing useless information. It has a place in a long essay, but you must know a number of things.

The university offers dual degrees, where two subjects are related to each other. This is a sensible choice if you think of the number of essays. You might not have a problem with the time, but expect struggles during your first month. There's another option, where you can make your own selection. Your choice reveals two subjects that are remotely related to each other. You might be proud of your deliberation, even setting a trend for the next batch of applicants. Don't let it get to your head. You might be setting unrealistic goals. If this setup is affecting your social life, then think about it carefully. Is it worth it in the long run?

No two students have the same set of traits. It also applies to priorities, where some students can't bear the thought of spending lots of time in front of the computer screen. It's a matter of priority, if not thinking about the near future. However, choosing a dual degree has an impact on your life. It won't be the same, yet you can pat yourself on the back for making this choice.

What You Can Gain from a Dual Degree

You have the best of both worlds. There's one notable downside in pursuing a dual degree. You won't study both subjects in great detail. It might be a downer until you're reminded of the number of deadlines. It's a challenging task, but you can count on your coursemates who are specializing on one subject. They can be a reliable source of information, which you need to bulk the body your essays. It's not a good excuse not to go to the library, though. You get the chance to listen to all the professors in both departments, which can send you to the stratosphere. They can be part of your network, and one can guide you to your first job. If you're not thinking about it, then you're not serious about an academic career. Don't worry about it.

You will be sought by employers before you receive your degree. Your commitment means you must do your very best. You must make a lot of sacrifices, but think of what you can gain. You won't have a problem getting a recommendation, if not a word of mouth that can reach the (ears of the) recruiter. In this regard, a dual degree offers a flexibility that will assure you that you won't don't have to be anxious while looking for your first job. If you're feeling down from what you've been missing, then look at the bigger picture. Good things happen to those who wait.

You become a better version of yourself. The requirements, which can pressure you on many occasions, will test your mettle. You'll be forced to learn self-discipline, even develop a discerning eye on information from the books you read. It will be a demanding vocation, which you don't mind at all. If this is an opportunity in disguise, then you do it happily. And then you realize that you have changed for the better.

A Very Unique Experience

If you choose a foreign language as one of two fields of study, then look ahead. It might be motivated by your desire to meet other people from other parts of the world, but you must adopt a practical mindset. Do you see yourself working in another country? Can you get over the culture shock right away? Does a foreign language take you longer to finish an essay? If it's a NO, then think of another field of study.

It's all in your hands whether you opt for an existing dual degree or thinking of a new one. Don't decide on it right away, as you must make sure that you can live up to the demands of the coursework. It may be the hardest moment, but the rewards are immeasurable. Good luck!

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