Disability Must Not Stop You from StudyingDecember 03, 2015

If you're a student with a disability, then you'll be daunted by the prospect of living on your own. If the coursework won't discourage you, then how about the absence of familiar faces. (You miss your family. You're not the only one.) The errands can be challenging, even frustrating. And you want to have mates to count on. Is it possible? Yes, without a doubt.

Disability shouldn't be a hindrance to live out your life. And there's no need to be frustrated if something is out of reach. You can call maintenance. How about your housemate? This is a good chance to make a new friend in the university. Here are some things to remember during the term:

You'll be fine. If this is not the case, then you won't be looking at your reading list. And you worry about the succession of assignments. If you'll be able to handle your disability, then there's no reason you can't earn your B. A. in three years. It's mind over matter.

You'll keep a tidy room. Ignore the remarks by your housemates, wondering if you can really keep your place in order. You did it back home (and you were grateful to your folks). Not even deadlines and examinations, which leave you with little time for yourself, would deter you.

You're one step ahead of the rest. Individuals with disability often face challenges. They have to do more than what "normal people" usually do. But they don't feel sorry for themselves. They rise to the occasion, and they do better. You're not an exception, even if you struggle on your first year. It's part of the learning curve. And don't hesitate. You would be proud of what you did.

Your mates will be there for you. Don't let your disability discourage you from meeting other students. It's not your problem if they don't fancy you, but this is not the case during O-Week. Everyone is friendly and accommodating, and there's no reason to doubt it. And don't try to bring attention to your disability. It's likely no one will take notice of it, even make fun of you.

You'll miss the university sooner than you expect.You'll be part of alumni. And you'll have second thoughts if you encounter a familiar face. Don't act like a stranger. In fact, you'll realise that the university is the best place you've been. This was where it started.

If you're a disabled student, then share your story with us.

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