Homesickness at University: 10 Ways to Cure ItJune 03, 2019

You beat yourself for not bringing your favorite pillow to your flat. You're also missing wallabies, which are your neighbours. (And you're not a pulling a leg on this one.) Christmas is still far away, yet memories of last Christmas haunt you. Homesickness strikes you. What can you do about it?

The above symptoms show that a new environment would make you homesick. You're having bouts of nostalgia, which is rather normal. If it would isolate you from the other students, you must do something about it. Homesickness is not uncommon among freshmen, and not a few sophomore students still struggle with it. You might be melodramatic about your inability to adapt to the university, which may have to do with your introvert nature. Have you ever think that the university could be your home away from home? You might as well give anyone a chance, if not a benefit of a doubt. This is one cure to homesickness, and there are other ways of dealing with it.

Settling In and Keeping Busy: How to Deal with the Drama

Did a bad date trigger your homesickness? You met an interesting person online, who happens to study at the same university as you do. It turns out that you didn't get along with that person (and you don't want to give details about it). You've been reminded of your family and best mate back home. (You almost forget the wallabies.) Remind yourself that your coursework is your top priority. You might have forgotten the deadline to your next assignment. You also didn't read your notes for the upcoming examination. And you're supposed to do the laundry. There's no time to wallow in self-pity.

Don't get envious of students coming together (into a new group of friends). You may be left out, but it doesn't mean that you would be the lone wolf during your few years in the university. You can invite your coursemates for a study session. If it goes well, you can ask them to watch a game of rugby, if not a movie. You can also do the same thing to students whom you meet in the hall. Don't forget your flatmate. It's up to you to make that first move.

Get off your bed immediately. Homesickness hits you during unexpected moments, and it sometimes happens when you wake up. You might not feel like getting out of your room, which is fine. Ask yourself if you have lectures to attend during that day, if not errands to do. You can also visit your tutor, and talk about your program. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Exercise regularly. Studying for hours won't do you good in the long run. Physical activity improves your mood, also gives you high energy (to keep you awake during the day).

Indulge in the arts. It doesn't matter if you're an Arts student or not, as the arts should keep you distracted now and then. It's a good thing, as the coursework can be demanding at times. Winter is around the corner, which you must be excited about. (If you're residing in Sydney and Melbourne, there are many cultural events that would keep you away from the comforts of your room.) Make sure that you're not get hooked to it, such that it can affect your focus on your studies.

Your family and mates are a call away. There's no reason to be melodramatic most of the time.

If you're an international student, you might have to talk to people. You appreciate the politeness of the people around you, yet you secretly wish that you can swear at someone in the traffic light. It doesn't matter if this is a custom in your home country or not, but this means one thing. You must reach out to fellow students, professors, and counsellors. You can also talk to your tutor one more time. It’s not the time to be hesitate about it.

Go make some noise. The silence may unsettle you at times. It could mean one thing: Music. Listen to your favourite tunes. If you're getting tired from hearing it (one more time), watch a TV show. Go to YouTube (and watch the worst auditions from talent shows). The list goes on.

Are you suffering from anxiety? If you're having bouts of it, tell it to your flatmate. You can also reach out to another student whom you perceive you can trust. You might be surprised that there are other students who feel the same way.

You're emotionally wobbly, and you can't figure out how to manage it. You might be thinking too much about the coursework, allowing the pressure to get to you. Relax a little. Keep your focus. If you're feeling overwhelmed, seek help.

How to be Resourceful

You must not be too hard on yourself when you’re getting homesick. Aside from what has been discussed above, the uncertainties could make you yearn for old faces and familiar surroundings. This is your chance to show your resourcefulness, which means there are other ways of getting over it. Think of how the university can make you prosper in many ways. You can go anywhere, which should make you resolved to get your act together. You have a purpose, which you must remind yourself now and then.

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