How To Be Mentally ToughSeptember 23, 2015

Sleep. It will be silly to stay indoors during the month of October, when the weather is ideal for a stroll. Spring can be the best season, as the northerners will attest. Everything is in full bloom, and the colours have never been so vivid. Why must we lie down? Depriving yourself of sleep can have serious effects. You won't be active as you should. It can affect your internal organs, and you can feel it. You won't think straight, which is not good. Make sure your inner clock is set on a fixed time period. And make sure it won't be less than seven hours.

Talk. Social media is not a substitute to human contact. It can be a good tool if you have family member(s) and mate(s) in distant places, but nothing beats good memories. It happen during gatherings. And don't forget your grandparents (or any senior citizen in the neighbourhood). They tend to get lonely easily.

Read.Many students don't have an enthusiastic approach towards lectures and homework. This is the reason why we must read books. It's not difficult to figure out the titles that we'll likely enjoy for hours. Check out the book cover. Is it exciting? Does it pique your curiosity? See how many pages you must read. Admit it or not, the length will play a part. And it's fine. (Better finish a book than leaving it halfway.) Read at your leisurely place, as this is the only way to be engrossed in it. Don't try too hard to understand what you're reading, as you'll figure it out along the way.

Smile. There are many reasons to smile. Great weather. Another year with your best mates in school. And you can't wait for a warm Christmas. Pause for a moment and think about your family. Aren't you the lucky one? Try to remember your friends. It's not about the number. How about your home? You don't need to open the telly to realise how fortunate you are. Good things are all around you. If you're in the dumps, then remind yourself it's not bad as it seems.

Help. The events unfolding in the Middle East and Europe tell us there are many people who need our help. But let's take it by small steps. You only have to be perceptive of your surroundings. Someone may be in trouble. You might overlook a sad person, struggling to make it through the day. And the school (or an organisation in the neighbuorhood) is handling a campaign. Don't hesitate about participating in it. Helping will make you feel good about yourself. It won't take long to figure out our existence revolving around giving and taking.

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