How I Learn to be Less Anxious (and Love the Coursework)November 30, 2015

It's that time of the year when assignments keep on coming. And you are overwhelmed. You are having doubts, not wanting to get out of your room. You call Mum and Dad for reassurance. Concentration is becoming a problem. These may not be symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, but you must deal with it.

Mental health problem is not uncommon among students. In fact, it has more than doubled during the last few years. It has nothing to do with the steep rise in the number of students being admitted to the universities. but they are free of anxiety before the beginning of the term. If you're one of those people, then there's nothing to be alarmed of. Take deep breaths and have the presence of mind.

What you are about to read won't make you free from any form of anxiety during your entire stay in the university. You'll always yearn for the weekend, if not summer. (And you miss your warm bed back home.) Deal with it. Here are some tips:

Get enough sleep. Unless you're one of those youngsters who can get by on a few hours of sleep, then it will be better to get some shut-eye. After rising up from bed, you feel you have enough energy for the day. This leads to another thing.

Don't procrastinate. B. A. English major students compose essays on a regular basis, and they reach a stage where they don't want to do it. This can be mental block. It can also be fatigue. Information overload too. You need to go somewhere or do anything to forget the task. It won't do you no good to postpone it, as you have other things to do. And you can sense the pressure. Unless you thrive in that kind of situation, then manage your time properly.

Go out for a walk. It will be nice if the university is far from the metropolis, with a genteel field outside your room. If not this lovely view, then woods to inspire you. What can be a better way to forget the coursework? Try to do this routine as often as you can, especially if beating deadlines and passing examinations affect your focus. Walk for an hour or two.

Exercise. If a stroll won't be enough, then maybe you need to sweat it off. Running can be a better way to beat the stress. You can go to the gym. How about inviting your mates for an activity this weekend? Play a game, if not take a walk. You'll feel better.

You're not alone. You have the urge to share your trivial problems with others. You'll find out that your mates have the same issues. This is a good chance to help each other. Don't forget your tutor, who can guide you. Nothing beats experience.

Do you have other suggestions? Don't hesitate to drop a line.

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