It's Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves for the Covid-19 BattleApril 13, 2020

Online assessments, unsupervised examinations from home, the lack of expensive computers. It's not a prequel to a post-apocalyptic horror novel, but it's close to that scenario that you've been thinking during those idle moments. The coronavirus turned your world upside down, a nightmare for final-year students. You're relieved that you won't complete your degree, as you can't imagine yourself pleading to your professors. To cancel the final examinations or not, that is the question. You don't have to answer it, not even think about it, as the lockdown should make you think about your university. Have universities rolled up their sleeves for Covid-19 battle? Are you ready for the new normal?

What you know would be a memory when the vaccine is available. If you still don't go have a clue about the coronavirus, then it's time to read the latest update on its research. Winter is approaching, which might give you trepidations. There have been cases of individuals who aren't tested positive despite being surrounded by those who have been treated, and there are many who are unaware that they have the symptoms. What can be concluded in both cases? It's simply a matter of how your immune system responds to the virus attack. A glass of fresh orange juice may be good, but staying at home would be better. Furthermore, scientists study the response of the immune system to the changing of the seasons. In other words, there could be a low transmission of the virus during the summer. If the pandemic is any indication, the worst is yet to come. Whether you live near the university or you're an international student, it's high time that you reacquaint with your alma mater. They are ready, and you might not.

What you're about to read may surprise you, but you shouldn't. A lot of things happened, and tertiary education would undergo a series of changes that you might not adjust immediately. You don't have to worry about it, as you must make sure that you know what your university has to offer.

7 Resources to Improve Students' Lives

System tracker app. There's an app, where your personal and medical data is stored. It's been used in Europe - and Australia. You can ask your tutor if you haven't heard about it. Symptoms include flu, dry cough, and diarrhea. Keep in mind that the coronavirus has the same properties as the virus that causes cold and flu. If you notice that you can't smell or taste anything, make an appointment with the doctor dorm. (If you still don't have the clue, then take note that this is not the time for cold and flu.)

Breathing aid. The ventilator is a huge issue, but many aren't wondering if there are alternatives. A breathing aid would be good enough. If you're not an Engineering major, then you must look around. (If there's no one in the hall, you can go to the School of Engineering.) New breathing aids have been introduced in University College London, as ventilators could be saved for patients who need it most. If you're heeding the basic precautions, you won't need it. But this information would be a life saver.

Mental health. The well being of healthcare workers is important, but it doesn't mean that you're less significant. The pandemic opened up a whole new world, which may send traditional learning into oblivion. If managing the coursework isn't stressful, making another transition can have a toll on you. There have been a number of (university) figures who could lend a sympathetic ear to your struggles. Letting them know about your anxiety wouldn't be a burden to them.

A faster test to diagnose coronavirus. The University of Cambridge introduced a speedier diagnosis, where it would take ninety minutes to determine if you have the coronavirus or not. This is not the reason to panic, where you ask everybody. (You might not be excused for raving mad.) If your university doesn't have one, then there's no need to be afraid of Covid-19. You can expect to see one before the beginning of winter.

Dorm rooms for healthcare workers. It shouldn't surprise you if your university has set up some space for doctors and nurses. There are many reasons for not their coming back home (after a grueling shift), but it doesn't mean that you would avoid them. It's not a modern version of "The Masque of the Red Death".

Vertical farms for the homeless (and you). It would be silly to ask a Botany student about it, but someone might have done his (or her) homework. It's certain that your tutor knows it, where quality crops are produced. It would provide the homeless with the nutrients that boost their immune system. You can lend your free time for this worthy cause.

How to become a high brow. It may not be the right time to indulge in the arts, but there can't be a better way to kill the time. Museums and theaters are closed. It would remain closed until the vaccine is available in the market, so you can imagine the immediate future where cultural events go online and robots would take you to a virtual tour of a gallery. Art survive the time and the elements, as the manmade wonders are its testaments. This should be one of the reasons behind British universities setting up a conservatoire, which doesn't mean that one student could be a reality TV star. It would be anything related to the arts, even if it's not linked to the coursework. It should inspire you.

How to Sew a Mask

You can also turn a piece of clothing into a mask, as there are many sites that show you how to do it in a few hours or less. It would be better to invite other students, as this would ensure that no one would spend long hours on one mask. It's a test of your resourcefulness, which would come in handy later.

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