Literature Students, Here's How to Assess Your YearJuly 05, 2019

Literature students have something to look forward to the end of the term. It's not a summer holiday, even if there are plans. Bali might have to wait, as the English Department expects their feedback on the coursework.

Some students would be too tired to participate in this exercise, but they must focus on this one. And it would be the last one. Their feedback would enable them to assess their performance, and it won't be a pretty sight. Studying literature isn't easy to do, and those who pursue a joint degree have the right to complain about the coursework. It doesn't matter if it's Singles Honours or Joint Honours degree, as the student feedback questionnaire would contain the same set of questions. And they won’t be linked to the top-grossing (local) films.

Let's not waste one more minute.

Relevant Categories Explained: How to Assess about Coursework

Did you understand the module at all? It would take some time before you decide on it. You should have seen an old copy of a module during a campus visit, if not after a long (online) search. If you have been given a copy ahead of schedule, you must be able to evaluate the organisation of topics. You must have a basic understanding of the genre, but it would be better if you're familiar with the notable books under this genre. It doesn't matter if you haven't read most of the titles under "Suggested Reading", but you're expected to browse all of it. There's a likely chance that you're required to see a play or film, which should help you in discussing a text. Ask the questions, even if the term didn't start yet. It should give your professors a cue on what changes must be made during the term. It could be different with poetry, where there’s a short list of terminology to understand. It would turn your world upside down, but you don’t have to spill the details in the questionnaire. Tell your coursemate about it, if not your tutor. Feedback must be short.

Did the lecturers stimulate your interest in literature? You would struggle in finding an answer to this question, which shouldn't be surprising at all. Most students are distracted easily, so focusing on lectures could be a Herculean task. It would be unfair to judge the lecturer harshly if you didn't get a good night's sleep or your mind would wander somewhere else. Gum chewing could be the best way to keep your concentration. You can close your laptop, as you opt for pen and paper. This old-fashioned way would be effective. And think about social media later.

Did your tutor generate fruitful group discussion? This answer could be an indicator of your learning curve. You must have a high level of intellectual stimulation, which could be a challenge while listening to a scholarly discourse on a Virginia Woolf novel. Moreover, you wouldn't realise your good luck while reading Joseph Conrad's musings on colonialism. A trip to the Outback may not be the modern-day equivalent of an eye-opening journey to the Heart of Darkness, but you could stare at the sea instead. After all, the trouble started in the seashore many centuries ago. If you don’t get it, ask a History major.

How often did you visit the library? The answer would reveal your commitment to the coursework. If you're truly passionate about literature, you would go to great length to get your hand on those books. You wouldn't be the only one, so a visit to the library wouldn't be uneventful as you think. Furthermore, lack of money could be a factor in buying a book or not. You could ask your parents about it, if not wander the hall. There's a generous soul somewhere.

What was your contribution to the module? The answer shouldn't be surprising at all. This is not a spoon-feeding session, not even academics at its strictest sense. Your professors want to make this journey as fun as it could be. They won't be able to figure it out for everyone, though. Don't hesitate to describe your confusion, if not your petty problem. Everyone is in the same boat, so you must be clear about anything. You would be surprised at the thought that anyone could learn something from you.

Leave Your Comment

If you’re a final-year student, you would wonder about the importance of writing your comment after answering the questionnaire. You won’t get the benefit after the evaluation, but you must be reminded about the impact of your responses. Younger students would learn from it, if not make learning more enjoyable than it should be. You would carry the lessons after leaving the university. Geography students would insist on it after memorizing the capitals of African countries one more time.

First-year and second-year students must take this feedback seriously. It could be a wake-up call, if not a cue that would help them in stepping up. It also gives them the courage to open up to other students, which is a good thing. Self-expression does wonder, and so does this feedback.

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