Social Media Can Work Wonders for LearningJanuary 26, 2016

You told your housemates that Facebook won't be a distraction. This was the nth time, and they were grinning at you. (They knew you were looking at your cousin's recent photos. It was a mud bath at Phong Nha caves, with his girlfriend. Gray weather was getting into you.) Your paperbacks were scattered all over your room, and you didn't respond to your coursemate's queries. No need to be alarmed.

You're right about social media, but you need to know more of these resources. It's hard to imagine a world without it. It can also liven up your world. No need to post pictures of the last party you attended. Forget about entertainment news. And no need to be embarrassed in front of your tutor. (You can't recall your New Year's resolution. It must be the party last Saturday.) Here are five apps to help you manage your coursework:

Google docs. Your instructor in Modern literature used this app, where he gave a peer feedback on your paper on George Orwell. Many were surprised to see Tim getting a favourable response, as he thought the author was overrated. You liked "Animal Farm", but your instructor was looking for specific reasons. You wished he told you in private, but you figured out the virtues of this app the other day. It had nothing to do with photo sharing, but you were thinking of it for your third year. (You haven't decided if it would be Florence.) You rather like instant feedback, as you don't like waiting (for a response) for days. And organising documents would be easy. All you need is a username and password.

Wunderlist. You thanked Ed for it. This would be another app that helps you in task management. And you were confused (about your deadlines and examinations) last month. You could have asked your housemate earlier, but you had doubts. (You thought he was eccentric, as you often saw him barefooted at the hall. This was a sign of a genius.) You could only wish you have done better last month, but you can make it up during the following months.

Pocket. No time for reading? Don't worry about it, as you can use this app to read articles from the Internet. It can be related to the coursework, but you may be too tired to finish it. You have a deadline to beat. You have errands. Whatever the reason, this app will remind you.

Vine. Video sharing can help you, as long you don't have clips from last weekend's party in mind. It can be highlights from a lecture. It can be events, which might be a great addition to your paper. And you know that this app will engage more students. As long as it's related to the coursework.

Instagram. Sharing photos can be an effective way of collecting data, which will help you in your coursework. You know it's about selfies, and there are days when you can't get enough of it. But you made a resolution.

Did we miss anything? Drop us a line.

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