Thank You For Not SmokingMay 04, 2015

Hawaii may be the first US state to prohibit the sale of tobacco products under age 21. Will other states follow? How about the other countries?

Christopher Buckley's "Thank Your For Smoking", which was published on May 17, 1994, revealed lobbyists who favoured smoking. They would ally with another group, which believed in the citizen's right to own a firearm, and another one, who would champion the spirits industry. They were the Merchants Of Death (M.O.D.), who made a Faustian pact with unethical companies. What does the novel have to do with World No Tobacco Day? There's truth to the anti-smoking claim, after readers get through the satire.

Smoking is not only dangerous to one's health, but it can also affect a non-smoker. In fact, tobacco poses more danger to children and pregnant women. It's a long list of harmful effects, which smokers will likely ignore. Young individuals believe that puffing is cool. It's also a natural thing to do when they're alone and have all the time in the world. There'll be a change of mind when the physical side effects manifest, which doesn't take long.

World No Tobacco Day, which falls on the 31st of May, is not a one-day affair. It should be a year-long campaign. It seems daunting, as committing to a cause requires a lot of will and effort. There's nothing to gain if there's no struggle. Here are five ways to beat the habit:

You must want it. The first month is easy, the following months not so. You can't change a habit overnight, and there'll be temptations. You can beat the urge by diverting your mind to other matters. Treat yourself (if you can make it through). If you're determined, then nothing is imposible.

Remember the children. If you live in a household with kids, then think about the kind of message you're sending to them whenever they see you smoking. They're easily influenced - and let's not discount peer pressure. This will be another thing, but let's stick to the issue. Smoking can have an adverse effect on their health, and it can be worse if they fall into the habit.

Save your money for something else. If you like to travel, then you better avoid the cigarette. It can be a huge amount if you're an active smoker. This isn't a substitute for being frugal on meals, and the same thing applies to other things.

Be conscious of your health. Every aging individual will yearn for those younger years, when nothing can go wrong. Anyone can be healthy, at any age, as long as the healthy lifestyle is followed. Think of it as an investment.

Heed the doctor's advice. If you can't beat the habit, then think of the discomfort you must go through.

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