Words for School SuccessOctober 26, 2015

It won't be a shout-out, which students do when they earn their degree. And it has nothing to do with the holiday you've been planning for months. You'll learn too many words during your three years at the university, most of which will be forgotten in ten years or so. But some will stick out like a sore thumb. (The comparison may be somehow off, but you'll get the picture.) These words will guide you, even guarantee academic success. The art of procrastination is an exception, as age has something to do with it. (More about it later.) You're curious, wondering if this is a matter of life and death. Quite.

Let's have a look:

I pledge my friendship, forever and ever. People come and go, but the friends you make at the university will be a special group. It's important to keep in touch with people you admire, respect, and trust. They can be members of your family, but you have to create another circle. They would be part of your professional life. You shared a creative relationship, which started at the university. If you have doubts, then ask your tutor about it.

I don't know. If you know everything, then what's the point of spending three years on writing papers, beating deadlines, and preparing for examinations? If this is the case, then you might end up as the youngest dean in the history of the university. But even academicians don't know all the answers. These three words won't make you a lesser student. On the contrary, your professors will admire you. (Promise them that you'll provide details.) This is showing confidence at a young age.

To err is human, to forgive, divine. You're not Alexander Pope, but prepare to answer questions on "An Essay on Criticism". You want to learn. You'll err many times and you'll make up for it. Your professors and coursemates will like it. Getting stoned will be one of those regretful moments. (Don't be serious about it, as you need a good laugh once in a while.) Don't worry about the consequence, as it won't be the end of the world.

I want more. Don't expect everyone to read your mind. Members of the faculty have too many things to do, while other students have too many things to distract them. Tell them why you must be part of the program. You'll say the same words during the next few years, more or less. It's one way to let others know you. And they'll be glad to assist you. This is not a sole journey, which you'll realise sooner than you think.

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