Student or Not: How Important Is Arts Education?August 09, 2017

Art might not be one of the main reasons that lure tourists to Australia, but it would define certain places. (Vivid Sydney should come to mind.) On the other hand, Aussies like to conquer the waves of Bali. And then they notice an eye-catching temple every few hundred metres or so. They will also see huge trunks of trees wrapped with a checkered sarong. There's no doubt that art is the lifeblood of the locals.

There seems to be too much emphasis on the arts, but giving importance to art education would be another thing. For instance, a Warwick commission report, which was released two years ago, revealed how arts and culture were systematically removed from British education. Some would remain unmoved by the report, as it won't be a secret that celebrities fund the studies of deserving students. Moreover, Europe would reek of art and culture. (The cost of travelling is another matter, though.) What does this piece of news have to do with Australia? Those who dread the winter in the Victorian Alps can plan their holiday in Melbourne. (The Melbourne International Film Festival is currently ongoing.) Furthermore, cultural tourism is becoming popular. Australia has lots to offer to locals and (foreign) tourists alike. (Uluru is more than a breathtaking sight, as bush tucker tours and dancer performances should turn the visit into a rewarding experience.) Creativity, which would spurn artists to be unique in their craft, should be the main reason to visit the arresting home of Sydney artist Antonia Perricone Mrljak. But let's go back to the basics.

Adele studied in an art school, which must not be the main motivation for (art) students to perfect their talent(s). Everyone has a creative side waiting to blossom, and it only takes initiative to make it past the first step. There would be more along the way. Artistic skills will help students think better. The older ones, who have tap into their creative side, have made it a habit to hone their talents. Uncertainty awaits them, which will give them lessons on survival. They will learn a few things on inventiveness. The best teachers want to know more about arts, inspiring and pushing their students to go beyond their capabilities. And they will figure out why tourism is almost synonymous to the arts.

5 Good Reasons to Prioritize the Arts

Arts play a huge role in the development of a child's motor skills. A four-year-old child must be able to draw a circle and square, even use a safety scissor. Children of this age are encouraged to use a paintbrush, if not they are able to do simple strokes. The motor skills are a coordination of the brain, the rest of the nervous system, and the muscles. A disorder is called dyspraxia, and it can have a severe effect on any child. (A young one can't grasp the significance of uniqueness, as children rather go with the pack.) Another thing is the development of dexterity at a young age, which will help a child learn how to write. You might be too young to have a recollection of it, but this piece of information will prompt you to be more encouraging to the children.

There are no absolutes in the arts. You should know better if you are nurturing a talent. (It can be drawing, photography, or writing.) If you want to do well, then you can't afford to be second best. However, giving it more doesn't guarantee success. It's not the case with accounting, for instance, where there are rules and absolutes in right and wrong. Uncertainty will come, which can put you in self-doubt. There will be moments of insecurity. A support system from the university (and your family) will help you learn to handle it.

Inventiveness can go a long way. Let's not talk about patents, not even your assignment. (Your ideas are yours and no one else.) It will help you manage your (student) life. If it's too far to bring some items (from your home to the flat), then it will be better to unleash your inventive side and think of alternative ways to turn your room into an eye catcher. Think twice about the trash, though.

The best teachers don't settle for less (for their students). Otherwise, there may be a sharp decrease in the number of students (in the university). Nothing is more rewarding to the teacher than to see a student enjoying the learning process and doing well (in the coursework). Think about it, as this can help you sort out your priorities.

Why travelling broadens the horizon. The natural scenery does inspire artists. (Jack Kerouac can put travel bloggers to shame.) Landmarks with historical value are notable for its impressive archaeological design. Visual learning will be put to use, a process that you might not have utilized at all. No need to be embarrassed, as it would be the case for many students.

Setbacks are opportunities in disguise

The Warwick commission report is not a unique case, as arts have been given the least priority one too many. If you want to develop your (creative) talent(s), then you might run into roadblocks. (There aren't many art classes, even a scholarship that will let you meet like-minded people.) If you show lots of enthusiasm and passion, then it won't be impossible for some people not to notice you. You only need one right person to guide you along the way, but your family and mates will be right behind you.

Don't be shy about showing your talents. If someone has a problem, then it won't be you. Everyone makes mistakes, and some can sting you. (And you'll feel it for a while.) You're a work in progress, and you can count on your family and friends.

You'll question your improvement, if not success, at some point. It's only natural to do such a thing. Remember that it's not about the money at times. There must be personal satisfaction, which comes from the realisation that you have excelled in your craft.

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