What Is Your Most Memorable Essay Assignment?August 17, 2017

University students have many essay assignments, which would stand out in their memories. It could be their first attempt on surfing, where they have likely ended up rolling underwater. It might be that sleepless night, as they finished a paper on bush poetry. It was a requirement to most of them, but there would be two or three reasons for having remembered it. These essay assignments have prompted them to do a bit more than they have. It also tested their writing and analytical skills. It was a long, difficult task.

Professors don't want to give students a hard time, as writing a long blog post would be more enjoyable than an essay assignment. The Internet has millions of users, and a blog site would remain popular as long as the posts are interesting and relevant to them. However, you don't need critical thinking and creativity to write a blog. (Otherwise, reality television shows have been cancelled a long time ago.) Moreover, essay writing would prepare students for bigger things. It may not be the search for the next Bard poet, not even a professor discovering another reclusive genius (like Janet Frame). It's rather giving a particular life experience some perspective, and how this exercise will make you a better student. It sounds cool, doesn't it? It's not the same for everyone, though.

Your most memorable moments for essay assignments aren't too different from topics for narrative essays. If bungee jumping at Cairns would be an eye opener to you, then 2,000 words (or a bit less than it) should be enough. Make sure that you won't put too much emphasis on the exhilarating part (or your professor would end up rolling his/her eyes). There would be something more important than it, which should come in five parts. What did the assignment would teach you? How did it develop your skills? How about time management and other related matters? What is your opinion about blogs substituting for essay assignments? What would you wish your professor to assign more (or less) to you?

5 Questions That Can Change Your Life

You'll write about your most memorable experience. What will it teach you? Your coursemates will be wise to pick the happy memories. You can choose the other way, opting for a painful, if not embarrassing, moment. It could be a foolish incident, like how you volunteered to prepare for dinner. The kitchen would end in disarray, not far from getting up in flames. And your mother must have glared at you. (It turned out to be her favourite spot in the house.) It would also be an enriching experience, like your first visit to Uluru. You weren't only interested in taking pictures of this breathtaking spot of the Outback, but also the aboriginal tour. The first one have taught you a great deal about responsibility while the second one was awareness about your own backyard. You don't need to think too hard about both, as you only need to identify one thing and how it would relate to you. There's nothing wrong about self-depreciation, as you might like to make fun of your fear. (Pyrophobia should be the one on the first case.) Don't get carried away.

How does your (essay) assignment develop your skills? The question pertains to your reading, thinking, and writing skills. You can come up with a long list of responses, but this exercise will highlight three things. Reading will enable you to pay attention to details. Thinking will force you to be selective about the series of happenings, which would form your own experience. Writing will let you look at it with a right perspective. It can be a relative term, as perspective changes as one gets older. But there's no doubt that a young mind can offer a refreshing, if not endearing, perspective. Give it a try.

How about time management and other related matters? Handling this task can be challenging or rewarding to you, and it depends on how you deal with it. You shouldn't be ashamed if you didn't take it seriously, which could have lead to procrastination. (It's not uncommon among students.) How it will change you, if not make you better, should be more interesting to your professor.

Is blog writing a good substitute to paper writing? Don't be surprised if there are professors who have tried it, which should engage students in the shortest time. There's another upside. (Teenagers like recognition, and a well-written blog can guarantee it.) Whether you're aspiring for authorship or not, you'll likely try your hand in blogging. Will it achieve the same result? A coursework has absolutes, which is not really the case in blogging. You can work something out, if not think of a group activity that could provide constructive lessons for you and your coursemates.

What would you wish your professor to assign more (or less) to you? Forget about the classics, as you're required to read and write about it. Prose might be another thing, as poetry is not everyone's cup of tea. You may be thinking of less paperwork, but you get anxious about the possibility of more examinations. Poems might be it.

What Have You Achieved at The End of This Exercise?

You don't need to recall every detail of your memorable experience. How will you look at it will be more important to your professor, so choose your details carefully.

The transition from recalling to writing will be tricky, if not challenging, part of the exercise. In this regard, try to recall everything and write it down. Make the necessary changes in your narrative during proofreading. Less is more.

You'll get extra points if you choose a light, if not amusing, approach. Your professor won't be impressed if you didn't follow technical rules. In this regard, you must review your grammar lessons.

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