Why You Should Volunteer?December 01, 2014

How volunteering benefits you? It's a selfish question, but why ask it. After all, this is not about you. Then again, popular culture sends a different message. You.

International Volunteers Day, which is celebrated every December 5, highlights the contribution of volunteers to communities. There isn't a day when a helping hand isn't needed. Many choose to be anonymous when they do an altruistic deed, but there are some who can't help letting the whole world know. Before showing your disapproval, think about their motives. They may want to inspire others to follow their deed. They want everyone to see the plight of the ones they're helping with. They have a different concept of public affection. Better stop here, as the following reasons might be negative. This is not helping the cause at all.

It will be challenging to think of others when it comes to espousing the virtues of volunteering. But let's try to focus on how it will make you better. Here they are:

Volunteering is a good excuse to see the world. You want to travel, but you don't have the resources. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, search. Look around. It won't be far and long before you found out that being a volunteer may require a passport. If you're not choosy, then well and good. There's nothing wrong if you have conditions. On the contrary, you'll pick a cause you're passionate about.

Volunteering lets you meet people. Ignore those who believe that what matters are a few persons who care about you. Not the right mindset if you're young, and in case you're not so young, then keeping an open mind can go a long way. You never know what you'll get. Some people may touch your heart, helping you become a better person. Some will befriend you, and they may turn out to be the real deal in the long run. Some prefer company. (This is not the time to clam up.)

Volunteering offers opportunities. If you're a student, then lending a helping hand may yield unexpected result. A job offer comes along, which you can't resist. On a personal level, there are a number of things that can happen. No need to think about these, making sure you'll have the foresight to make a good judgment (when it matters).

Volunteering makes you feel good. Helping others send a positive vibe all around. It will boost your self-confidence. Do we see how you like to be wanted? There's no better place to show it.

Volunteering will help you figure out what you really want. Life is simple if you know what you really want. Most of us take some time to figure it out, though. Helping other people won't show you the signs, but you'll have a good time at least. Let's say that you haven't enough of wanderlust, then you realise it right away. If you're looking for a job, then the help you did will give you ideas on your next move. If you enjoy company, then you don't mind having more acquaintances. How do you feel? The question may be repetitive, but we want to make sure.

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