5 Reasons to be a Student VolunteerMarch 01, 2016

Volunteerism won't be a stepping stone for a glittering career. You won't do everyone a favour and then leave them behind. It's not about you. Then again, you're young and passionate. You want to channel your energy into something. (You are raring to go after finishing your two assignments ahead of the deadline.) You want to join the bandwagon.

You've been told that you wanted to be a student activist, which confounded you. You are only active in social media. (And it has nothing to do with Kesha.) You have second thoughts about committing to a campaign, as you consider other things. Why be a volunteer? Here are five reasons:

This is your opportunity to do what you love. Not that you're losing sleep over papers, but you'll never know what lies ahead. You're jealous of your coursemate, who is eager to pursue authorship in the immediate future. You're uncertain at this point, bit you aren't worried about your options. Try to be part of the cause instead.

It will be your chance to get your college involved. You're not doing it because you fancy a dreamboat during a lecture. (You only need to muster courage. Maybe next week.) Let your department be part of your generous plan. There's no better way to know you better, and a cause will be memorable if there are more students involved. Make sure that everyone's views will be heard. Be firm, but don't be obstinate.

You figure out what resilience means. You still can't forget your first month in the university; you must beat two deadlines, and you have an examination to prepare. You hardly slept, prompting some housemates to think of you as odd. But you became a legend after word of your good marks reached the other end of the hall. You didn't give up. If that is not resilience, then you don't know what it is. And volunteerism requires that kind of attitude.

Volunteerism and social media are fit for each other. You know self promotion after sharing your sketches with other users on Instagram. They were interested in your portraits of the university, which would motivate you. Social media is where you must promote volunteerism. You should know after your brother posted ads of his nomadic lifestyle in India. (Your parents frowned at it, as they thought it wasn't nice of him to ask for the kindness and hospitality of strangers. Maybe he spent the money they sent him.) In your case, your experience can be a part of your CV.

It shows your commitment, and you're not afraid of it. Who said you don't like the tender trap? Volunteerism is a worthy cause. It will open opportunities.

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